Suck off / remove sweat glands

Duration of treatment

1 H..

Type of stunning

Local anesthesia with twilight sleep

Hospital stay



2 - 3 days compression bandage

Recommended physical rest

1 week


after 1 week

Sport possible after

4 - 5 weeks

Price / costs including controls up to 1 year

4'800.- SFR

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Sweating too much is very uncomfortable. Often it is mainly about axillary sweating, i.e. the armpits are affected. It is a dysregulation of the body, this can be hormonal (e.g. thyroid, sex hormones) or be accompanying neurological diseases.

Excessive sweating, so-called hyperhidrosis or hyperhidrosis, can also occur without physical illness. Those affected often suffer greatly from it. On the one hand the unpleasant smell caused by the sweat secretion, on the other hand the constant wetness which often makes it necessary to change T-shirts several times a day and severely restricts both professional and private life. If your hands are sweating profusely, there is a fear of greeting with a handshake, which can be a problem, especially in the business world.

Hyperhidrosis avoids proximity to other people. About 5% of the Swiss population are affected. The first step is to try to reduce excessive sweating. Here, solutions and deodorants containing aluminum chloride are the most important. However, these do not always help; sometimes they also lose their effect.

The next step in therapy is the use of botulinum toxin. These are small injections with fine needles, whereby the botulinum toxin blocks signal transmission for a few months. The procedure can possibly be covered by the health insurance company, but must certainly be repeated after a few months (approx. 6-12 months), as the effect is lost. This solution is not permanent, but can be done on armpits, hands and feet.

If treatment with botulinum toxin is not desired or if a definitive solution is found, sweat glands should be removed, which in the narrower sense means suctioning off the sweat glands, the best treatment option. The sweat glands in the armpits are sucked off with the help of a special cannula. This suction curettage technique is also used in liposuction.

The sweat gland suction is very gentle compared to previous operations against hyperhidrosis and causes very rare and minor complications. Prof. Shafighi has been performing sweat gland removal by suctioning off sweat glands routinely for over 10 years. In contrast to treatments with botulinum toxin against excessive sweating, suctioning off the sweat glands is a permanent solution.

The procedure: sweat gland suction - suctioning off sweat glands

Sucking off sweat glands works through a special suction curettage. This can be carried out under local anesthesia or tumescent local anesthesia. The tumescent solution causes hydrodissection, the sweat glands and the tissue are loosened. The cannula is inserted through tiny incisions in the skin (5mm). From there, a large part of the sweat glands can be suctioned off. The local anesthetic is absolutely sufficient, the procedure itself takes about 45 minutes. It is an outpatient procedure.

Follow-up care: sweat gland suction - remove sweat glands

For post-suction treatment of sweat glands, physical rest for a few days is recommended. You will be given a light compression bandage during this time to aid healing and swelling. In the further course of healing, scarcely visible scars will appear on the access routes of the suction curette (approx. 5mm).

Cost of sweat gland suction

A sweat gland suction can be taken over by the health insurance company if it is a medical indication. This is checked in advance by making a cost inquiry to the relevant health insurance company. Costs can be partially or fully covered. The procedure costs around 4800 SFR.

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