8,000 - 9,000 CHF

Costs for aesthetic-plastic treatments in Bern

Botulinum toxin frown lines

240 .- SFR

Botulinum toxin crow's feet

240 .- SFR

Hyaluronic acid nasolabial

350 - 650 .- SFR

Hyaluronic Acid Lips, Lip Enlargement

400 .- SFR

Botulinum toxin crow's feet

240 .- SFR

Liquid face lift

from 1'500 .- SFR

Rhinoplasty without surgery

350 - 650 .- SFR

PDO thread lift

from 900 .- SFR

PRP, vampire lift, autologous blood

520 .- SFR

Upper and lower eyelid lift

7,000 - 8,000 CHF

Upper eyelid lift

3'500 - 4'000 .- SFR

Lower eyelid lift

4,500 - 5,000 CHF

Aesthetic nose surgery

from 9'500.- SFR

Mid-face and neck lift

from 15,000 SFR

Neck lift

from 5'000 .- SFR

Double chin (liposuction)

4500 .- SFR

Ear plastic

5'500 - 6'500 .- SFR


from 4'500 .- SFR

Breast augmentation

9'500 .- SFR

Special offer: breast augmentation for patients under 30 years of age

from 6500 .- SFR

Breast augmentation plus breast lift

from 11'500 .- SFR

Breast lift alone

from 5'500 .- SFR

Breast reduction

12,500 SFR

Mini tummy tuck

7,500 - 8,500 CHF

Tummy tuck

from 9'500 .- SFR

Arm lift

from 6'500 .- SFR

Thigh lift

8,000 - 9,000 CHF

Thigh lift

Financing - costs - prices in Bern

What are the costs of an aesthetic plastic treatment?

Many patients who are interested in a specific operation - be it breast augmentation , breast lift , eyelid lift , liposuction , etc., are not aware of how many parts the price is made up of: the costs for the operating room and technical equipment, processing and Sterilization of surgical instruments, sutures, implants that may be used and, last but not least, the personnel costs for qualified personnel - from the operating room nurse to the anesthetist to the plastic surgeon - must be taken into account when calculating the price.

We create a detailed cost plan for each treatment. In this way, our patients know in advance what costs to expect and how the total price of the treatment will be calculated.

In our clinic we stand for a transparent and comprehensible cost system. As a provider of high-quality medical services, we are also responsible for providing our patients with comprehensive information on costs. Below you will find an overview of the composition of the costs of aesthetic plastic treatments, pre-financing and the assumption of costs by the health insurance company.


Patients who cannot or do not want to pay for an aesthetic plastic treatment in one go without a medical indication are given the option of paying in installments. For this purpose we work together with the service provider Cashmed , which specializes in the financing of comfort medical services. You can get more information about www.cashmed.ch directly by email or by phone.

Health insurance benefits

In the case of certain operations, the health insurance company will partially or fully cover the costs. These include, among other things, breast reduction for oversized breasts, the removal of fat aprons after massive weight loss, or the removal of glands in gynecomastia (enlargement of the glandular body in men). In these cases, the treatment costs, if there is a medical indication, will be covered by the health insurance company after prior approval of the costs. However, based on the recommendation of the medical examiner, the decision is made in each individual case by the health insurance company.

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