Rhinoplasty without surgery in Bern

Duration of treatment

30 min

Type of stunning

Numbing cream and

NEW anesthetic in hyaluronic acid

Hospital stay




Recommended physical rest

1 day



Sport possible after

1 day

Price / cost

350-650 SFR

Certain nasal deformities can be corrected without surgery using hyaluronic acid alone. The tip of the nose can be lifted with hyaluronic acid without appearing artificial. The nasal hump can be straightened with hyaluronic acid before and after the hump. A small amount of hyaluronic acid on the bridge of the nose is sufficient to compensate for this unevenness, and surgery can be avoided. At the tip of the nose, unevenness such as a groove or asymmetry can be compensated for. Sometimes there is a small asymmetry on the bridge of the nose (nasal dorsum), which can be improved with hyaluronic acid without surgery.

Corrections such as those on the end of the nose or the tip of the nose last up to a year. It is an optimal rhinoplasty without surgery, but it cannot be performed on all noses. This possibility of camouflage must first be assessed by Prof. Shafighi. The advantage over nasal surgery is that the treatment can be carried out in a few minutes with little risk. The side effects such as swelling and small bruises are possible, but will disappear after a short time. With hyaluronic acid you can not only avoid the final surgical rhinoplasty, but first test a change before you decide to have an operation in the future or even bridge the time until you find the necessary time for an operation. With this temporary solution to the 'corrected' nose, you can still decide at a later point in time whether a surgical correction would be a better solution. Because - most of the gel injection on the nose with the somewhat firmer hyaluronic acid breaks down again over time, but later than the soft hyaluronic acid. But not excluded, a smaller part, approx. 1/3, will probably be preserved permanently.

Rhinoplasty Bern without surgery with Prof. Shafighi is carried out routinely in Bern or Zurich in Switzerland.

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Overview: When injecting hyaluronic acid, the following corrections and profile improvements can be made to the nose:

  • Slight nasal humps: The hyaluronic acid is injected at the top and bottom of the nasal hump, so that the hump is practically hidden by lifting the dents next to it. The gel levels the bump and it looks as if it has disappeared. This will straighten the bridge of the nose.

  • Saddle nose: A depression that exists at the saddle nose on the bridge of the nose can be smoothed by applying gel in the deeper level. The excessively curved bridge of the nose can be improved or straightened naturally or after an operation and the nose can be flattened in the side profile through the treatment with hyaluronic acid and better coordinated with the face.

  • Wide bridge of the nose: With wide noses, the tip but also the bridge of the nose can be made optically narrower by introducing hyaluronic acid gel. This method is not suitable for all noses and must first be analyzed by Prof. Shafighi.

  • Hanging nasal tip: The nasal tip can be lifted with hyaluronic acid without significantly changing the shape or size of the nose.

  • Dent in the nose: After injury or surgery, there may be a volume deficit on the side of the nose tip, which can be compensated for with hyaluronic acid.

  • Asymmetries or uneven sides of the nose: Slight irregularities in the contour or in volume, even if a nose is a little slanted, can be corrected specifically with hyaluronic acid after a detailed analysis by Prof. Shafighi. This can correct the asymmetry.

  • Flattened nose tip: A flat or downward pointing nose tip can be made narrower and straightened at the same time with a hyaluronic acid treatment with well cross-linked gel. The aim is that the nose does not lose its naturalness after the treatment.

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