Scar correction

Duration of treatment

1 H.

Type of stunning

Local anesthesia or twilight sleep

Hospital stay




Recommended physical rest

1 week


after 1 week

Sport possible after

2 weeks

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Scars arise as a result of an injury or surgery. The aesthetic result can only be influenced to a very limited extent. The appearance is often multifaceted. Healing takes approx. 1 year, possibly up to 2 years. A scar should be assessed for the first time after 6 months at the earliest.

Scars can be annoying if they mean a loss of function, e.g. located over a joint. Shrinkage of the scar tissue can lead to tension. This can lead to restricted mobility. A fragile scar can break open as a result of microtraumas or become stressful due to itching. Scars can also become hypertrophic, i.e. thickened, drawn in, widened or cosmetically disrupted by discoloration.

If a scar is not only hypertrophic but also no longer adheres to its natural limits, a keloid is present. Keloids are usually reddened and accompanied by itching or pain. Certain skin types or locations have a greater tendency to develop keloids.

Hypertrophic scars or keloids can be treated with scar ointments, pressure treatment, cortisone injections, etc. If these treatments do not help, surgical scar correction can be carried out. The intervention can improve or eliminate the functional and aesthetic concerns.

Most common are scar corrections due to keloids and hypertrophic scars that have not responded or inadequately to conservative treatments. Burn scars are often unsightly and scars on the face are generally perceived as annoying. The surface of scars can also be improved with our fractional CO2 laser.

Operation - scar correction

Scar corrections are basically rather minor surgical interventions and accordingly have very few complications. They are carried out on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The duration depends on the type and complexity, including the size and location of the scar.

Sometimes all that is needed to correct a scar is simply cutting out and re-sewing with fine sutures using a plastic surgical suture technique. Otherwise, flaps or other corrective sculptures are used. This includes the Z-plastic or W-plastic. These are often useful for severely shrunk, shortened scars or for overlying joints.

This can change the course of the scar in such a way that the tension is redistributed. Overall, the tension is reduced and the new scar relaxed. In the more favorable direction, the scar becomes more aesthetic, i.e. in this case it heals less noticeably.

In the case of a scar correction, it can be checked whether the health insurance company can possibly cover the costs of the operation. A medical indication for correction exists in the case of functionally impairing scars. If it is the result of an accident, the person who caused the accident or the accident insurance company must also be taken into account to cover the costs. Requests for reimbursement of costs must always be made before the planned intervention.

Want to see before and after photos of scar correction? In our clinic in Muri near Bern we would be happy to show you pictures of our scar correction results!

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