Mommy makeover Bern - regaining beauty

For a woman, having a baby can mean one of the most beautiful things in life. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are also one of the greatest challenges for the body that one can imagine. It is linked to the task and surrender of one's own body, which is losing integrity. Despite care and love for the child, a strongly changed body, similar to a stranger's shell, is often left behind. The disappointment about this can be great and lead to psychological stress.

In addition, in this phase of life the focus is shifted to such an extent that the appearance and the care of one's own body are marginalized. Your own neglect automatically occurs. Only when the pregnancy and breastfeeding are over and you are gradually beginning to notice your own body again do you notice the negative external changes. The chest and abdomen are particularly affected.

The physical effects can be smaller or larger depending on the load. Have you had an easy or difficult birth, or maybe even had a twin pregnancy? The great success unfortunately has a negative connotation on one's own body. Large fluctuations in weight also play a role. The more strain the body has gone through, the more the skin elasticity has been stressed or possibly overused. Some changes recede very slowly, others not at all. Every body reacts differently.

Disproportionate fat deposits are often formed, as fat is a valuable energy store. What is certainly being overused is the abdominal muscles. Here it comes to weakness or diastasis rectus, a divergence of the abdominal wall muscles. The belly looks like a balloon even after pregnancy. The stretching also creates excess skin. A tummy tuck can help here.

The breasts will also lose significantly in tension and volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding compared to before. Breast surgery is a good solution here. Furthermore, liposuction and tightening operations are available in the area of the flanks and thighs, where stubborn fat deposits often remain. In the area of the legs, spider veins and varices (varicose veins) develop despite wearing compression stockings.

Laser or sclerotherapy (injecting veins) can bring about an improvement here. Laser treatment can also be attempted for dark skin changes on the face, so-called melasma, which often occur during pregnancy and are difficult to treat. Dilated blood vessels (telangiectasias) or blood sponges (hemangiomas) can be easily removed with the laser. The stress, sleep and age-related wrinkles and shadows on the face respond well to treatment with hyaluronic acid and / or botulinum toxin.

All in all, one can say that today's aesthetic surgery is highly developed and specialized in counteracting precisely these negative changes, which is in itself a very beautiful thing. The “Mommy makeover” was developed for this purpose. There are a variety of treatment options, from non-surgical aesthetic treatments to plastic-surgical operations, some of which can even be combined.

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What is a mommy makeover?

The mommy makeover comprises the treatments and operations that are used in plastic surgery to correct the negative physical changes that have resulted from pregnancy. There are a variety of treatments, there is no standard procedure for a mommy makeover. When it comes to the selection, the individual needs count. This means that all plastic and aesthetic operations after pregnancy are based on the wishes and options for correcting individual changes in the face and body.

The treatments can be carried out individually or in combination. The size of the intervention also plays a role. Most women appreciate the possibility of combining different operations in just one procedure so that the downtime and healing time are short. Very few mothers have much time for a long recovery phase. That is why the individual treatment process with the patient is planned in advance so that, as the mother, she can be there for the family and the child again as quickly as possible.

The most common mommy makeover operations

In the case of mommy makeover, the non-surgical treatments are particularly popular because they can be carried out in a rather short period of time. A particular focus is on removing wrinkles and shadows on the face. It depends on where exactly these corrections are made on the face. Depending on this, either botulinum toxin is used, for example for frown lines, forehead wrinkles or crow's feet. These are exacerbated by lack of sleep and are a common problem. These are often small corrections with a big effect. The most common operations that are used in mommy makeover are operations on the abdomen and breasts (tummy tuck and breast lift as examples). But the fat pads in the area of the flanks and thighs can also be tackled; liposuction is typically used here.

The ideal patient for a mommy makeover Bern

The ideal patient for a mommy makeover is a woman who suffers from a loss of breast volume due to pregnancy or who seeks help because of an overhanging soft abdominal wall or local, stubborn fat deposits. Most of the skin's elasticity is lost due to excessive stretching. It is important that the desired weight is reached again before the operation. Then the best result can be achieved.

Plastic surgical interventions for mommy makeover

  • Liposuction flanks, thighs, upper arms

  • Tummy tuck with correction of a diastasis recti

  • Breast augmentation with silicone implants / autologous fat

  • Breast lift

  • Breast lift with implants

  • Combination interventions

Frequent combination procedures for a mommy makeover

  • Breast augmentation and tummy tuck

  • Liposuction and breast augmentation / tightening and / or tummy tuck

Frequent combination procedures for a mommy makeover

  • Botulinum toxin for expression lines (Vistabel, Botox)

  • Hyaluronic acid for wrinkles (Teosyal, Juvederm)

  • Hyaluronic acid for liquid facelift (Teosyal, Juvederm)

  • Needling for skin rejuvenation by stimulating your own collagen production

  • Thread lifting to strengthen the skin or to tighten individual areas of the skin

Recovery time after a mommy makeover in Bern

  • How quickly a mother can return to her family after the operation and how long she should recover after the operation depends largely on the type of surgery and the patient's constitution. After a breast augmentation or lift, it takes about 1 week to recover. After a tummy tuck, the estimated recovery period is at least 2 weeks.

  • With longer combined interventions, the so-called recovery or recovery time is always a little longer afterwards.

  • Liposuction takes about 2-7 days

  • Breast surgery approx. 7-14 days

  • Tummy tuck approx. 14 days

  • Immediate non-surgical treatments

When after pregnancy can the mommy makeover start?

Basically, it is assumed that you should give the body 9 months to regenerate after giving birth. The abdominal wall muscles have to be trained again, so the stomach can become firmer again. The weight should be tried to normalize, then the tissue also has the opportunity to regain some of its strength. Afterwards, if you are not satisfied, you can consider a tummy tuck or breast surgery. A breast lift is usually combined with a breast augmentation. If you are still breastfeeding, you should certainly wait a little longer before the breast operation.

Liposuction for a mommy makeover

Liposuction is the most common aesthetic surgical procedure. This procedure is ideally suited to remove stubborn and annoying accumulations of fat under the skin or at least to achieve a significant reduction. The fat pads are located in roughly the same places on all of them, for example on the thighs (saddlebags and insides), knees, flanks and stomach. When it comes to the abdomen, you can consider whether you want to combine it with a tummy tuck.


A good local anesthetic must be done in order for liposuction to be performed. The tumescence technique is usually used for this. This is an ideal way to remove the troublesome fat deposits. This process is also called liposuction. The instrument with which this is carried out is called a cannula. This is a long hollow rod that is sterile. After the tumescent anesthesia has been applied, the fat can be loosened and suctioned off in different directions and levels, depending on the region. What is special about the tumescent solution is that it is able to loosen up the fatty tissue and at the same time inhibit pain and reduce bruising. It is a very gentle process, the nerves and blood vessels are not affected.


The goal of liposuction should be discussed in advance. Of course you want to suck off as much fatty tissue as you can, but you always have to consider that the fat is responsible for shaping the body. We want to remove the excess fat in each case so that the natural contour of the body remains. This maximum suction volume should not be exceeded. We clarify this in a personal consultation before the procedure. This ensures that both the surgeon and the patient are aware of the end result. More than just one intervention may be necessary to achieve the desired goal.

Breast augmentation during a mommy makeover

Breast augmentation is also popular for a mommy makeover. During breast augmentation surgery, the lost volume of the breast is returned. There is basically the possibility of using autologous fat for this purpose, should this be available elsewhere in excess. In doing so, however, you should not expect too much magnification. However, it is a possible alternative technique in which, for example, the fat cells obtained during liposuction are transplanted. They are then placed in the fatty tissue under the mammary gland.

But the best results are still achieved with conventional implants. The quality of the implants has increased enormously in recent years, currently in the 6th and 7th generation. The silicone implants are the standard. They are cohesive, which means they cannot leak. A distinction is made between two different types of implants. The anatomical, teardrop-shaped and the round implants are selected depending on the existing requirements. The placement of the implants is also possible in different ways, on the one hand under, otherwise over the pectoral muscle. This must be decided individually.

The optimization of a breast after pregnancy can be done in terms of shape, size or both. Breast augmentation is ideal after pregnancy. The incision is made as small as possible, typically in the natural underbust crease. You need a certain amount of space as access to be able to insert the implant. Don't squeeze it too hard.

You can consider whether you want to combine breast augmentation in the sense of a mommy makeover with a tummy tuck or liposuction.

Breast augmentation with tightening during a mommy makeover

The breast augmentation can be combined very well with a tightening of the sagging breast. This is often the case because the breast loses its elasticity due to physiological processes. In addition, a volume build-up is necessary. The tightening in the breast area can be understood as a kind of lifting, it is known as the technical term mastopexy. Since there is too much skin, the slack skin that covers the chest as a coat must be reduced. Move the nipple up. Then an implant can be inserted, which supports the breast lift in the sense of breast enlargement. Breast surgery can be combined very well with liposuction or a small tummy tuck (mini abdominoplasty). So you have achieved a maximum tightening.

Breast lift during a mommy makeover

A mastopexy as the sole operation can only be successful if there is still enough volume to achieve a nice, full result. Then the breast can easily be tightened over the existing volume. The firmness comes back and replaces the lost elasticity of the skin.

Tummy tuck during a mommy makeover

The abdominal muscles are usually very affected during pregnancy. The consistency will be doughy, soft and puffy. There are often stretch marks that cannot be influenced. There are cracks in the skin due to the excessive pulling force. The subcutaneous fatty tissue may have accumulated as a reserve and will only gradually regress. Postgraduate gymnastics often doesn't help enough here either. The operation of the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can be carried out gently. We adapt the operation to individual needs. You don't always have to do a big tummy tuck. You can also use a smaller version called mini-abdominoplasty. This takes place in the lower part of the abdomen with a rather smaller excess of skin. A combination with liposuction is very good here.

If the abdominal muscles diverge and the fatty tissue oozes out, it is called a diastasis rectus. This can lead to an umbilical hernia. Both the umbilical hernia and the diastasis recti can be corrected with a tummy tuck. When a major abdominoplasty is performed, the skin-fat layer is lifted off the muscles and excess skin and fat tissue is removed. The muscles are reattached and the navel is placed in the target position. The abdominal wall must be protected by compression and exercise is prohibited for 2-3 months. At the same time, if desired, liposuction can be performed on the flanks. Other mommy makeover operations can also be combined.

Facials during a mommy makeover

The face is still the central point of appearance. The lack of sleep alone can cast deep shadows on the face. Then there are the wrinkles, which increase as the skin ages. Wrinkles on the face can be treated well, depending on their location more effectively. These are not operations, but aesthetic interventions. These measures, which are manageable in terms of time, are carried out using injections. Botulinum toxin (Galderma, Swiss product) or fillers (Teosyal, Swiss product) are used. The expression lines on the forehead, frown lines and crow's feet are relaxed with botulinum toxin. The dark circles and the lack of volume in the zygomatic area can be improved with a skin booster / filler. This way, shadows are brightened up again.

A filler, i.e. hyaluronic acid, can also be injected into the nasolabial folds and the corner of the mouth. The hyaluronic acid plumps up furrows and rebuilds a loss of volume. This volume build-up also works ideally in the midface and in the area of the cheekbones. This is called a liquid facelift, as the good effect can delay a facelift. The hyaluronic acid spray can be repeated any number of times. The product will degrade again over time. In this way, missing collagen is built up again. In aesthetic medicine, however, there is also the possibility of stimulating the collagen formation of the skin's fibroblasts. On the one hand, a gentle thread lift (also called a vampire lift) can be used. Here new types of PDO threads are stretched through the skin. This makes the skin smoother, tighter and fresher. But you can also use the CO2 laser for skin refreshing / skin rejuvenation / facial rejuvenation. The recovery time is very short for both procedures and the results are satisfactory depending on the expectation of change.