Mini facelift - small facelift

Duration of treatment

1-2 hours

Type of stunning

Local anesthesia and twilight sleep

Hospital stay




Recommended physical rest

1 week


after 1-2 weeks

Sport possible after

2-3 weeks

Price / costs including controls up to 1 year

8500 SFR

The mini facelift is a gentler procedure than other techniques. The mini facelift is distinguished by its short scarring compared to the conventional facelift, both of which cause a very fine scar that can be easily hidden in the hairline. Prof. Shafighi suggests a mini facelift if the elasticity of the facial muscles and the skin's elasticity have decreased to a rather minor extent. With a mini facelift, excess skin, which has become slack as the skin ages and which is created by the loss of elastic fibers, can be corrected.
Deep worry lines, cheek wrinkles, wrinkles around the corners of the mouth, sagging cheeks and sagging skin on the neck cause a tired, avital and old appearance - which does not necessarily have to correspond to the feeling.

Who is a mini facelift suitable for?
Look at your reflection in the mirror and test how much loose skin you can push back and lift up in the area in front of the ear and behind on both sides. Tightening the excess skin reveals what is possible with a face lift. A successful "big facelift" can bring long-lasting and great joy from an experienced plastic surgeon through the success of the restored youth and freshness. The major facelift is also a major operation, costs significantly more and also has a little more risk of side effects compared to the mini facelift. The mini facelift is a good alternative if the expected effect is not as huge as you like.

It is carried out in an outpatient operation of approx. 1-2 hours under local anesthesia only on the skin and is significantly less risky and cheaper than a major facelift.
With the mini facelift, an incision is made in a fold of skin in an outpatient operation directly in front of and behind the ear and excess skin and fatty tissue is removed in this region. The cut can hardly be seen later. In this way, the skin of the cheek and neck can be tightened. You stay in a more superficial layer and thus automatically protect the more sensitive tissue further down, where nerves and larger blood vessels also run. With the face lift, these are spared and the risk is lower.
The mini facelift, which only takes place on the skin organ under local anesthesia, also takes less time. Both procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia. After the mini facelift, there are seldom bruises (bruises), which is why you are socially acceptable again very quickly.
The big facelift is definitely longer lasting. Both the large facelift and the mini facelift can be repeated over the years if the effect wears off too much.

Is a mini facelift the right surgical method for me?

During a personal consultation, Prof. Shafighi will carry out an analysis and inform you whether the facelift is a good option for you. By discussing problem areas, one tries to show the different surgical methods and their respective disadvantages and advantages for the patient. During a personal consultation before the mini facelift, Prof. Shafighi analyzes how the tightening can be and demonstrates this so that you can easily imagine it. What counts is what bothers you, a face usually has a natural beauty that is perceived differently by others than by itself. Your beauty and perception are always the focus.

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Mini Facelift - Kleines Facelift

Wie viel Verjüngung kann erreicht werden?

Durch das Facelifting kann ein Verjüngungseffekt von mehreren Jahren erreicht werden. Das Gesicht sieht natürlich gestrafft aus und zeigt neue Spannkraft und verleiht frisches Aussehen. ​

In welchem Alter sollte man ein Facelift machen lassen?

Da der Haut- und Gewebealterungsprozess von Mensch zu Mensch unterschiedlich ist, kann man für ein Facelift kein konkretes Alter benennen. Sobald eine störende Gewebeerschlaffung besteht, ist beispielsweise ein Mittelgesichtslift möglich. Hierbei ist es ratsam sich bei uns beraten zu lassen, welche Methode sich am besten eignet, nicht chirurgisch oder chirurgisch, um Ihr Gesicht aufzufrischen.

Kann ein Facelifting nach Jahren auch wiederholt werden?

Ja, diese Möglichkeit besteht.

Besteht die Gefahr durch den Eingriff ein maskenhaftes und unnatürliches Aussehen zu bekommen?

Im Gegensatz zu vielen Patienten und Operateuren in den USA wird hier in Europa grosser Wert auf ein natürlich wirkendes Ergebnis gelegt. Das Ziel ist ein professionell durchgeführtes Facelifting, bei dem die Patienten danach eben nicht maskenhaft glattgezogen, sondern dynamisch und frisch aussehen.

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