Chin correction - reduce chin in Bern

Duration of treatment

1 H.

Type of stunning


Hospital stay




Recommended physical rest

1 week


after 1 week

Sport possible after

6 weeks

Price / costs including controls up to 1 year

from 6500.- SFR

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If you are dissatisfied with your chin, you can consider chin correction. The result is embedded harmoniously and inconspicuously in the other contours of the face. The chin is almost as important to the human face as the nose. A prominent chin is desired for men in particular, and a narrower but well-formed, non-receding chin for women. The overall impression not only depends on the area around the eyes, the chin is also important for how a person is perceived.

With a chin correction, you can indirectly change the look of other parts of the face and create attractiveness. Both women and men have chin corrections carried out in Switzerland. You can correct a chin that is too big, protruding too much or a double chin. Exactly the opposite, you can also have a too small, receding chin

rebuild (chin plasty).

Procedure and risks of chin correction in Muri near Bern

Protruding - too big chin (chin correction)

If the chin is too large and protruding, only a surgical approach can help. To do this, changes must be made to the bone. This is the case if, for example, the lower jaw bone protrudes too far forward. You can gently file down this bone on the chin, that is, grind it down. It is also possible to remove part of the bone that is not needed for stability. Depending on the nature of the intervention required, a metal screw can be placed in such a way that the gap is closed. The good thing here is the access route, which is chosen from the inside, i.e. the oral cavity. This way, there are no visible scars. This procedure can also be combined very well with liposuction, i.e. liposuction, if you have a troublesome double chin.

Risks of a chin correction in Bern

In principle, every surgical intervention in the human body is associated with the associated surgical risk. It is therefore very important to be treated by an expert and to be informed accordingly. Many of the risks can be reduced by taking clear steps before, during and after surgery. Careful follow-up care for patients is also very important to us in Muri in Bern. Prof. Shafighi evaluates every planned operation according to the indication, the benefit and the expected risks, so that you can decide on the procedure accordingly.