Buttock lift with Dr. Shafighi in Bern

Duration of treatment

2 hours..

Type of stunning

Twilight sleep or general anesthesia

Hospital stay

Outpatient or 1 day


Compression bandage for 2 weeks

Recommended physical rest

2 weeks of gentle sitting posture


after 2 weeks

Sport possible after

4 - 6 weeks

Price / costs including controls up to 1 year

8'500 .- SFR

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The buttocks are a part of the body that is heavily exposed to the aging process and gravity. Over time, the firmness and fullness of the buttocks can be lost. Those affected can suffer from this. Activities (e.g. wearing bathing suits etc.) and social withdrawal can result. A buttock lift can be of great help here. With this type of tightening operation, the existing tissue can be positively redistributed again, so that the fullness of the buttocks and thus the shape are restored.

Operation - buttock lift

In Bern and Zurich, the buttocks are usually tightened under general anesthesia. Before starting the operation, the incision must be planned and drawn. This is done with the patient standing awake. The cut can be planned differently, depending on where and how much is to be tightened. Either above the buttocks (continued as with a tummy tuck), over the middle of the buttocks (bikini cut) or straight in the gluteal fold.

If the incision is to be made over the buttocks or in the gluteal fold, the buttocks will be flattened. This is usually not desired and therefore not only the skin is removed. In this case, instead, a skin area is separated from the uppermost layer in a spindle-shaped manner (deepithelialization) and pushed under the surrounding skin. This gives a cushioning effect, so that in addition to tightening, enlargement (augmentation) is also possible.

If you want to give even more volume with a buttock lift, the procedure can also be combined with liposuction or injections with autologous fat (lipofilling). Prof. Shafighi will be happy to advise you on the aforementioned operations in the field of plastic surgery.

Would you like to see before and after photos about buttock lift? In our clinic in Muri near Bern we would be happy to show you pictures of our buttock lifts - results!

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Gesässstraffung

Ist das Ergebnis von Dauer? Kann der Eingriff bei Bedarf wiederholt werden?

Der Eingriff ist in der Regel von Dauer, in sehr seltenen Fällen und bei sehr starker Überdehnung der Haut kann eine Nachstraffung erforderlich sein. Diese ist jedoch weitaus kleinflächiger als die erste Straffung.

Was wird gemacht und welche Veränderung kann erwartet werden?

Die Narbe geht von einem Flanken zur anderen an der oberen Gesässgrenze und kann unproblematisch unter dem Slip versteckt werden.

Wie lange dauert es, bis sich das endgültige Ergebnis einstellt?

Nach etwa einem halben Jahr hat sich das endgültige Ergebnis eingestellt.

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