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Chin correction in Bern

There are several methods for a double chin removal. Often liposuction can be done. But the annoying fat pad can also be reduced by injection lipolysis. This is what is popularly known as a fat-away injection. By using the fat-away injection you can remove the double chin without the necessary weight reduction. In any case, weight reduction is only of limited success in the case of a double chin. Sometimes a double chin even exists in people of normal weight. Of course, you should still try to reduce it in the event of obesity.

If you are looking for a treatment for your double chin, Prof. Dr. med. Shafighi like. Lipolysis occurs through the fat-away injection. The adipose tissue shrinks. One can expect a reduction in the amount of fat cells. The skin then contracts over the chin and appears tighter than before the fat-away injection. The tolerance is very good and the patients are satisfied.

How does double chin removal work?

With the fat-away injection, the surgeon uses a very fine cannula through which the substances phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid are brought into the fat depot together with an alcoholic solution. The drug breaks the walls of the individual fat cells so that the fatty acids are released from the cells. In the further course the chin is temporarily slightly swollen, then the decomposed fat cells dissolve or they are broken down by the body. The loosened fat cells cannot grow back.

Depending on the starting position of the double chin, it may be that a single treatment is sufficient or two treatments have to be carried out before the desired result is achieved. The second lipolysis treatment can take place after approx. 6-8 weeks. The fat pads shrink significantly after the first treatment. Especially with young, elastic skin, it can again wrap itself tightly around the newly formed chin. The effect is not only the double chin removal but also a chin reduction. The patients we treat speak of having a "new face".

The double chin can also be treated very successfully with liposuction. This treatment can also be done very gently and is also routinely carried out by Prof. Dr. med. Shafighi applied. With liposuction from the double chin, a more targeted approach can be used. But this is already a surgical procedure to treat the double chin. In a personal consultation, Prof. Shafighi will explain to you which procedure is suitable in your case, or which advantages and disadvantages the two treatment methods have.

Procedure for injection lipolysis treatment for a double chin

The surgeon places the injections of the fat-away syringe into the fat pads of the double chin. The injections are made through special cannulas, which hardly cause any pain. After a few minutes, the fat cells swell due to the chemical processes caused by the injected medication. This also explains why there is a swelling of the chin for 1 day after the treatment. The swelling will only subside in the course of about a week. Redness, induration, small bruises, and sore muscles are also normal. Lipolysis is the dissolving of fat cells. The process can take place at different speeds for different people.

What experience do Bern and Zurich have with lipolysis in the double chin?

Lipolysis using the fat-away syringe is modern and in great demand. The means used are very safe, the cannulas are specialized for them. We in Bern and Zurich have routinely performed the procedure several times a week for several years. If a double chin is not suitable, the equally successful liposuction, i.e. liposuction, can be carried out. We also have the most modern device on the market. It is important to be aware that the result will not occur immediately after the treatment. The reduction in swelling takes time after each procedure. The rate of side effects of both procedures is very low and the benefits for the treatment of the double chin are great.

What is the success rate for removing the double chin in Bern and Zurich?

A reduction in the fat pad on the chin can be achieved in most cases. Usually one or two interventions are required. Two lipolysis treatments are usually required to successfully remove a pronounced double chin. If the double chin is too pronounced, complete removal may not be achieved. At best, the skin is firm and elastic so that it can adapt to the shrinkage achieved. The elasticity of the skin decreases with age.

What does the fat path injection / double chin lipolysis cost?

For the prices of lipolysis, please see the box at the top of the page. The fat-away syringe is available at a lower price than the liposuction, as the operation time is very short and no anesthesia is required. Local anesthesia is also possible with liposuction. The fat-away injection must be reimbursed on a self-payer basis, i.e. the costs must be borne by yourself. However, one can say from experience that the aesthetic benefit is great in relation to the rather small costs. Our patients are very satisfied with the procedure.

Häufigste Fragen zu Fettwegspritze

Wie entfernt man ein Doppelkinn?

Die Entfernung des Doppelkinns geschieht in der Regel in örtlicher Betäubung. Im unempfindlich gemachten Bereich kann das Fett über eine Kanüle in Kinnmitte abgesaugt werden. Dies ist eine Fettabsaugung im Kinnbereich, auch Liposuktion genannt. Die Fettabsaugung ist sehr erfolgreich für die Behandlung eines Doppelkinns. Sie können direkt nach dem Eingriff bereits wieder nach Hause gehen.

Was muss nach dem Eingriff beachtet werden?

Nach der Doppelkinnabsaugung empfehlen wir für eine Woche ein spezielles Kompressionsmieder zu tragen. Dieses führt zu einem schnellen Abschwellen und unterstützt die Formgebung. Man kann das Mieder auch tagsüber ein paar Stunden weglassen, sollte es jedoch zuhause und in der Nacht durchgehend tragen. Das Mieder besteht aus speziellem elastischem Material und wird nach jeder Liposuktion, so die Bezeichnung für Fettabsaugungen im Fachjargon, vom Chirurgen angelegt um das perfekte Resultat zu erreichen.

Was ist eine Fett-weg-Spritze?

Die Fett-weg-Spritze wird auch als Injektionslipolyse bezeichnet. Bei dieser minimal-invasiven Behandlung (das heisst ohne Operation) wird eine spezielle Lösung in das zu behandelnde Areal injiziert. Hauptbestandteil der Substanz ist pflanzliches, aus Sojabohnen gewonnenes Phosphatidylcholin. Dieser Stoff zersetzt das behandelte Fett an dieser Stelle, wird über die Lymphbahnen abtransportiert und schlussendlich ausgeschieden. Meist ist eine Nachbehandlung nach einigen Wochen nötig. Nachteil ist, dass der Vorgang weniger gezielt eingesetzt werden kann im Vergleich zur Liposuktion / Fettabsaugung.

Ersetzt die Fett-weg-Spritze die Fettabsaugung?

Die Injektionslipolyse wird mittlerweile als Alternative zur klassischen Fettabsaugung angeboten. Der Eingriff ist etwas sanfter und die Erholungszeit kürzer. Daher weckt sie vielfach Interesse, bringt aber auch einige Nachteile mit sich. Das definitive Resultat ist erst nach mehreren Wochen sichtbar. Eventuell sind mehrere Sitzungen nötig, bis das gewünschte Resultat erreicht wird. Eine Garantie für die Wirkung besteht nicht, es gibt leider auch Fälle die kaum Effekt zeigen. Die klassische Fettabsaugung ist zwar aufwändiger, führt aber vielfach schneller und direkter zum Ziel. Die Liposuktion ist für ein stark ausgeprägtes Doppelkinn sicher die geeignetere Methode.