Breast reduction (breast reduction) in Bern

Duration of treatment

2 -3 hours.

Type of stunning

Twilight sleep or general anesthesia

Hospital stay

Outpatient or 1 day


6 weeks sports bra

Recommended physical rest

1 - 3 weeks


1-2 weeks

Sport possible after

4 - 6 weeks

Price / costs including controls up to 1 year

12,500 SFR

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Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is an option if you suffer from large, sagging or sagging breasts. This often leads to discomfort. Back pain is usually the reason why a breast reduction is carried out here in Bern and Zurich . But many also feel inhibited in their physical and intimate life. Even then, a breast reduction can be considered. Women with large breasts often cannot understand why other women want a breast augmentation.

Sagging breasts after pregnancy

Of course, normal-sized breasts can also lose their fullness, elasticity and resilience, for example after pregnancy or weight loss. These points can be corrected with a breast reduction, sometimes a breast lift is also necessary. Prof. Shafighi will examine the best option for you in the consultation. When the breast is shrunk, the surgeon removes excess skin and breast tissue from the lower breast area. This creates a smaller, lighter, and firmer breast. In the process, glandular tissue is also resected, which indirectly has the advantage that there is less risk of developing breast cancer. But this is only a positive side effect.

The decision to have a breast reduction is usually made because a heavy breast can become a significant burden in everyday life and thus achieve real disease value. The psychological but also physical stress can be very great. These include back problems, poor posture and painfully cutting bra straps, to name just a few. This makes it possible to understand why the health insurance company pays for the procedure in pronounced cases. In the relevant cases, this will be clarified before the operation. The procedure can be planned well. The satisfaction with the result afterwards is very high. Breast reduction surgery, like breast augmentation and breast lift, is of high safety and quality. Various possible techniques allow Prof. Shafighi to achieve a beautiful result.

Before a breast is reduced in size, we clarify which breast size can realistically be achieved by the operation. What the patient wants is crucial. The detailed preliminary discussion between the plastic surgeon and the patient is important and is based on the surgeon's experience. Prof. Shafighi is a specialist in breast surgery. What you can influence from your side is that you have the operation performed when you reach your ideal body weight.

In this way, the result will also remain stable in the long term. Ideally, it is also better to have the breast reduction performed after the family planning has been completed. But it is understandable and absolutely justifiable to approach breast reduction in young patients who do not currently want to have children. This is especially the case with pronounced findings and high levels of suffering. Mental and physical stress can become too much and it makes sense not to wait any longer. Especially before the fact that the ability to breastfeed is retained depending on the surgical technique.

Breast reduction procedure

Before the breast is reduced in size, a mark is made on the standing patient so that the new position of the nipples can be determined. This also includes deciding how much skin to remove from the bottom of the chest. This can only be precisely determined by an experienced surgeon and breast surgeon. Small differences can mean a larger deviation in the desired result. In order to achieve a perfect result, you have to prepare carefully before the breast reduction.

Here in Bern and Zurich, we work together with our experienced anesthesia team; the breast reduction procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Local anesthesia or twilight sleep can also be used under special exceptional conditions. Now the actual operation can begin. The incisions are made around the nipple (periareolar) or an I-incision is made, depending on the predetermined extent of the correction. The I-cut is considered to be particularly scar-saving. If the findings are pronounced, the reverse T-cut tightening is used.

The incisions are drawn, just as the extent of the necessary removal of the skin and underlying mammary gland tissue is planned. The operation is only started after the planning has been completed and the positioning of the nipples has been newly planned. After the actual operation, the accesses are carefully sewn up again using plastic surgical technology.

After the procedure

Just like after breast augmentation , there are a few things to keep in mind after the operation. Most things you will get right automatically. We generally recommend that you take it easy in the first two weeks after the breast reduction surgery. The physical protection serves to protect the freshly operated area so that proper wound healing can take place without complications.

When sewing up after the operation, absorbable threads are used, which means that these threads will dissolve by themselves. After 10-14 days, only the seam ends are removed. After the suture has been removed, regular skin and scar care can be started in consultation with Prof Shafighi. Office work can resume after 10-14 days. We can discuss other work and the recommended grace period after the breast reduction in a joint consultation before the operation. Greater physical exertion and sport should be avoided for 6 weeks.




Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Brustverkleinerung - Brustreduktion

Kann sich die Sensibilität der Brust oder der Brustwarzen verändern?

Ja. Die Nerven, welche die Brustwarze sensibel versorgen, verlaufen entlang der 2. – 5. Rippe und strahlen von unten in die Brust ein. Die Sensibilität der Brustwarzen bei gekonnter Technik in den meisten Fällen bewahrt werden.

Gibt es ein Alter, vor dem eine Bruststraffung nicht empfehlenswert ist? Sollte die Familienplanung bereits abgeschlossen sein?

Nach abgeschlossener Pubertät ist eine Bruststraffung grundsätzlich immer möglich, auch bis ins hohe Alter. Wenn in absehbarer Zeit eine Schwangerschaft geplant ist, sollte die Brustverkleinerung optimalerweise erst danach erfolgen.

Wann ist das Endergebnis abschätzbar?

Nach zirka 4 Wochen ist bereits das Ergebnis gut sichtbar. Nach 3 Monaten ist das Ergebnis mehr oder weniger erreicht. Die vollständige Narbenreifung kann noch etwas längere Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, bis diese im Idealfall nur noch als unauffällige helle und dünne Linien verbleiben.

Bekomme ich für die Zeit nach der Operation ein Arbeitszeugnis?

Nur, sofern es sich um einen medizinisch indizierten Eingriff handelt, welcher von der Krankenkasse übernommen wird. Für rein ästhetische Eingriffe kann kein Arbeitszeugnis ausgestellt werden. Wir empfehlen darum, den Operationszeitpunkt mit Einberechnung der Erholungszeit gut zu planen.

Übernimmt die Krankenkasse die Kosten einer Brustverkleinerung?

Bei nachgewiesenen medizinischen Beschwerden werden die Operationskosten von der Krankenkasse übernommen.

Folgende Richtwerte gibt es:

  • Es muss mindestens 500 g Brustdrüsengewebe pro Seite entfernt werden.
  • Die Patientin darf nicht oder nur leicht übergewichtig sein (BMI < 25).
  • Schmerzen und Haltungsprobleme wurden bislang mit nicht-operativen Behandlungen erfolglos therapiert (z. B. mit Physiotherapie).

Körpergewicht und Resektionsvolumen gelten als Richtwerte. Bei entsprechenden medizinischen Abklärungen (Evaluation durch einen Rheumatologen, radiologische Abklärungen etc.) kann ebenfalls eine Leistungspflicht der Krankenkasse bestehen.

Was unterscheidet Brustverkleinerung von Bruststraffung?

Bruststraffung und Brustverkleinerung erfolgen mit weitgehend identischen Schnittführungen, wobei bei der Brustverkleinerung vor allem Brustdrüsen- und Fettgewebe entfernt wird und bei der Bruststraffung vor allem Haut.

Kann nach einer Brustverkleinerung noch gestillt werden?

Grundsätzlich ja, da bei der angewandten Technik einer Brustverkleinerung die Verbindung zwischen den Milchgängen beziehungsweise dem milchproduzierenden Brustdrüsengewebe und der Brustwarze erhalten wird.

Kann eine Brustverkleinerungsoperation die Krebsvorsorgeuntersuchung behindern?

Nein. Zwar können nach Brustverkleinerungen Verkalkungen entstehen, die röntgenologisch jedoch leicht vom sogenannten „Mikrokalk“ zu unterscheiden sind. Mikrokalk ist ein typisches Zeichen für Brustkrebs.

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