Breast augmentation in Bern

Duration of treatment

1 H..

Type of stunning

Twilight sleep or general anesthesia

Hospital stay



4 - 6 weeks sports bra

Recommended physical rest

1 - 2 weeks


after 1 week

Sport possible after

4 -6 weeks

Price / costs for patients under 30 years of age

6500 .- SFR

Price / costs including controls up to 1 year

9500.- SFR

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Rhinoplasty - nose surgery in Bern

Prof. Shafighi himself performs over 350 breast augmentations per year. It is important to Prof. Shafighi and his very experienced team that your mammary glands and chest muscles are spared, so that you have as little restriction as possible with regard to exercise and breastfeeding later on. "Breast augmentation can be visible but still look natural".

You can determine the anesthetic method, only twilight sleep or anesthesia, with our anesthetist.

Die Brustvergrösserung ist unsere häufigste Operation und in unserer Klinik bei Prof. Shafighi in Bern. Dabei spielt die From, Lage und Grösse eine bedeutende Rolle. Hier wird mit dem 3D Modell aber auch mit einem Video die optimale Behandlung festgelegt.

Droplet-shaped implant

Prof. Shafighi verwendet fast ausschliesslich runde Implantate aus Silikon. Jedoch gibt es verschiedene Grössen mit unterschiedlichen Projektionen. Diese werden in der Sprechstunde probiert, im 3D Model angeschaut und entsprechend Ihrem Habitus (Grösse und Gewicht) festgelegt.  Die Brustvergrösserung kann so sehr einfach bereits vor der Operation imitiert werden.

Round implant

The difference in the result is the experience of the surgeon Prof. Shafighi and his anatomical knowledge and attention to detail. The focus here is on the meeting in Bern and precise planning. Breast surgery requires a detailed analysis and a detailed discussion. For this, Prof. Shafighi takes a lot of time for you and works with you to find your future result in a way that is easy to understand using videos and 3D images but also using case studies. So you can get an idea of ​​what will happen after the operation before the operation

Breast augmentation with silicone prostheses

The consultation

The size of the implant is repeatedly asked by the patient. Often times, you already have a good idea of ​​what your breast should look like after the operation. It is important to know that with a breast augmentation, the possible result essentially depends on the initial situation. This means that the current bra size and the circumstances of the chest also play a role. Most important are your specific wishes. In the consultation about the upcoming breast augmentation with Prof. Shafighi in Bern, you can describe exactly what you have in mind. With his many years of experience and as a specialist in breast surgery, Prof. Shafighi can provide optimal answers to your questions and advise you competently before the breast operation. External trial prostheses, photos and video recordings are used to improve the performance. Numerous before and after photos can give you an idea of ​​what your breast can look like after breast surgery. Different implant sizes can definitely be placed in the bra beforehand in order to determine the final size. So you are well looked after by Prof. Shafighi in Bern, in order to carry out the request for breast enlargement.

The surgical technique for breast augmentation includes the decision regarding the position (either the implant will be below or above the breast muscle), the size and shape of the implant and the access route. Based on this, these aspects are tailor-made and defined by the experienced and renowned breast surgeon Prof. Shafighi. During the consultation for breast surgery for breast augmentation, which is free of charge as part of the initial consultation, everything is determined together with the patient. In this way, Prof. Shafighi plans everything in detail before the breast operation and this is implemented accordingly in the operation.

At the Meduno practice clinic in Bern and generally in Switzerland, we believe that trust in the surgeon is very important before an operation such as breast augmentation. This also essentially differs from the operations that are carried out abroad for possible cost reasons.

Specializing in breast surgery and thanks to his many years of experience combined with continuous training and further education in the field of breast augmentation, Prof. Shafighi can achieve a suitable and natural end result. Prof. Shafighi has specialized in breast surgery in internationally renowned clinics in England and the USA. In addition, Prof. has also worked scientifically and has published in the field of breast surgery in top scientific journals.

Today's most modern and high quality breast implants, which are used by Prof. Shafighi in Bern for breast augmentation, are cohesive. Due to this property, which is a quality feature, the breast implants are leak-proof. Due to the rough, textured surface of the breast implant, capsule formation occurs only rarely and to a limited extent, which can lead to capsular contracture due to the restructuring of the tissue. However, this can be corrected afterwards without any problems. In addition, these implants, which we use in Switzerland with the highest quality, bond uniformly with the surrounding tissue after a 4-week grace period. This means that slipping or twisting, as one might imagine as a patient, rarely occurs. This property is particularly the case with anatomical implants. In Muri near Bern we use implants filled with cohesive silicone ("gummy bear-like jelly-like content") for breast augmentation with implants (prostheses).

What is special is the lifetime guarantee on the case that the manufacturer gives. According to the current state of knowledge, this includes the principle that our implants do not have to be changed routinely after 10 or 15 years . In addition to the greatest possible safety and Swiss quality, these innovative modern implants feel soft and natural. In addition to looking beautiful, breast augmentation can also be combined with a natural sense of touch.

According to scientific studies in which Prof. Shafighi was also involved, after 3 months the patients accept the implant as their own tissue. This means that the implant is no longer perceived as something foreign, but as a natural part of one's own body. With this in mind, it is particularly important to individually select the right size, shape and position.

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Implant in front of the pectoral muscle

Implant behind the pectoral muscle




Breast augmentation with silicone prosthesis in Bern and Zurich

The breast implants we use in breast surgery today are made of silicone, i.e. they have a gel filling and a silicone jacket. The surface of the breast implants is rough, the term "textured" is also used. This surface texture has the advantage that the risk of capsular contracture, for which an implant change rarely has to be made, can be greatly reduced. With our implants, the complication of capsular contracture is very rare.

There are two major differences in the shape of the breast implants. On the one hand there are the round implants, on the other hand the teardrop-shaped. The latter are also called “anatomical” implants. Which implants give a better result in the case in question is individual. It mainly depends on what the initial situation is, of course what the patient likes best.

Before and after photos can be shown for this, but you can also use the trial implants to simulate what a result might look like. Prof. Shafighi explains in an informative talk before breast augmentation that your own breast base (footprint), your own breast volume (mammary gland) and the existing skin layer must be taken into account. In a joint consultation, we define the desired operation result before the breast operation.

Operation: breast augmentation in Bern

Breast augmentation surgery is usually carried out under general anesthesia, possibly also in sedation (twilight sleep). The access is via the underbust crease, the most natural access is predefined here and the scar is later very inconspicuous. This incision ensures a very good overview, and the anatomical unit of the nipple / mammary gland can also be preserved. The incision is chosen to be as small as possible, but you have to reckon with about 4-5 cm in length, otherwise the breast implant cannot be inserted. If an implant change should ever be made (rarely, possibly due to capsular contracture), the same access route can be used. No additional cuts are necessary.

After the access route is made through the incision in the underbust crease, the breast surgeon can carefully prepare the implant site. There are two main differences here that have to be analyzed and determined before the operation. The implant cavity, i.e. the location of the breast implant, can be chosen either under the breast tissue or between the breast muscle and the chest wall. The latter is an artificial recreation of the space.

The exact implant size is determined using trial implants (sizers). Of course, this has been discussed and planned in advance, but a final check by the surgeon is very important. Only then is the definitive implant inserted after thorough disinfection and rinsing of the wound cavity. Then it can be sewn up, using a plastic-surgical technique that is gentle on the tissue. This means a multilayer wound closure, whereby the deeply sunk sutures will dissolve by themselves. A thread removal is therefore not necessary.

Follow-up treatment after breast augmentation / breast lift

After the breast augmentation, you will receive a special bra and a chest strap from us. The bra has a relieving function and should be worn for about 4-6 weeks. The belt for additional stabilization (so-called Stuttgart chest belt) is used when the implant has been placed under the chest muscle. We strongly recommend that you take physical rest in the first 4 weeks after the breast surgery. You should refrain from heavy physical work (lifting / carrying is also part of this here). Control appointments are carried out regularly in the first 3 weeks.

Results after breast augmentation / breast lift

Standard surgical techniques are used for breast augmentation and are most often performed within our aesthetic operations. Prof. Shafighi specializes in breast surgery and breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and breast reconstruction after breast cancer is part of his expertise - with the greatest knowledge and applied techniques of the subspecialties, based on his extensive experience in the field of breast surgery. Since 2018, Prof. Shafighi has also been Head of Plastic Surgery at the Breast Center Hirslanden Bern / Biel, where he mainly performs breast reconstructions for breast cancer patients. He offers the whole spectrum of reconstruction with silicone prostheses, but also with own tissue. With breast augmentation, many women experience a new femininity and enjoy a completely new body and self-confidence. This makes the breast operation the most popular operation in plastic surgery.

Want to see more before and after photos about breast augmentation? In our clinic in Muri near Bern we would be happy to show you pictures of our breast augmentation / breast lift - results!

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