Breast Augmentation Bottoming out

How is bottoming out corrected after breast augmentation?

Bottoming out after breast augmentation describes the problem when the prosthesis slips and leaves its desired place. The breast implant bulges noticeably downwards, the actual breast remains in place. The breast volume slides deeper, as a result the breast appears larger and the position of the nipple is relatively too high.

If botoming out occurs just a few time after the breast operation with breast augmentation, the reason is often that the basket that is supposed to hold the implant was shaped too far down. If the bottoming out does not appear until later, it may be that, in relative terms, the implants meant too much weight for the tissue and so the tissue has slackened. There is naturally strong and weak supporting tissue in the breast, the latter has a greater risk of the breast implant slipping.

Performing the breast surgery with the right implant plays a major role and is also a quality feature of the experience and skills of the breast surgeon. The silicone of the implants grows together with the surrounding tissue and forms a new unit. A suitable, suitable cave is prepared for this, into which the implants are inserted. The breast surgeon must prepare the pockets exactly as with the key-lock principle. Obviously, pockets that are too large make it easier to slip off the implant, but this is rarely seen.

The bottoming out correction means an operative approach. The support fabric at the bottom of the bag is lifted and fixed to the lower line of the newly formed upper breast fold. The incision is preferred under the breast fold, since from this position the field of vision over the surgical area is greatest.

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