Brow raising with Botox in Bern

Duration of treatment

30 min

Type of stunning

Numbing cream

Hospital stay




Recommended physical rest

1 day



Sport possible after

1 day

Price / cost

330.- SFR

Brauenhebung mit Botox ist konservativ und bringt den gewünschten Erfolg in Bern oder Burgdorf aber auch in Thun- Der Effekt einer Botox-Behandlung von Stirnfalten auf die Augenbrauen wird den Lifting-Effekt kompensieren. Das heisst ein Anheben der Augenbrauen mit Botox ist  kombinierbar mit einer Behandlung der Stirn – und gleichzeitig werden wir bei einer Behandlung der Stirn fast immer die Brauen mitbehandeln, um das Absinken der Augenbrauen durch die Behandlung der Stirnfalten mit Botox möglichst gering zu halten oder zu vermeiden.

The position of the eyebrows plays an important role in facial expression. When you are young, your eyebrows are relatively high, which gives you a fresh facial expression. When the eyebrows sag in old age, the impression of tiredness is often mistakenly given. The sinking makes the eyes look smaller and the so-called drooping eyelids are formed. The peculiarity of eyebrows does not depend solely on their position. The shape, curvature and density, and the overall course of the brows, also lead to an individualization. However, deep brows make you tired and old, while high brows appear fresh and youthful to us. The gender difference also plays a role. Women prefer curved, raised eyebrows. The trend among men is straight eyebrows, which convey a distinctive male facial expression. The brow curve is more complex than you might imagine, because several facial muscles are involved in the position and movement:

  • M. epicranius

  • M. orbicularis supercilii

  • M. procerus

  • M. depressor supercilii

You can raise the browbone surgically on the one hand, and biochemically on the other hand through the use of botulinum toxin. The botulinum toxin has an inhibiting effect on the activity of the muscles. This leads to relaxation.

You can treat frown lines with botulinum toxin treatment (also known as BTX treatment) and indirectly raise your browbones. This is a positive effect on the eyebrows. Botulinum toxin can also improve facial wrinkles. If you want to make an operative correction, the eyelid tightening is carried out. BTX can also be used to tighten the forehead. Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine have many treatment options. If the glabella muscles, i.e. the frown lines, are treated with the botulinum toxin, then this can also affect the muscles involved in the movement of the brow. A "biochemical brow lift" can thus be achieved. Above all, the tightening of the lateral parts of the eyebrows plays a role.

Technical information on brow lift - botulinum toxin A in Bern

There is a large collection of smaller muscles under the skin in the facial area. These are responsible for the facial expression, the so-called facial expressions. The circular muscle (M. orbicularis) lies above the outer border of the eye socket. It lies very superficially and is responsible for the squinting of the eyes. Its function leads to lowering of the eyebrows. In certain cases there is overactivity, with wrinkles then forming on the outside of the eyelid in the area of the temples. These wrinkles are called crow's feet. If you now weaken these muscles with the botulinum toxin, the crow's feet recede and the wrinkles can smooth out again. The relaxation is therefore due to a weakening of the ring-shaped muscles, which can now contract less. This effect automatically raises the eyebrows (brow lift). Through the effect of the BTX, both an eyebrow elevation and the reduction of annoying drooping eyelids can be achieved. The eyes look bigger, brighter and more alert again. The effect of the brow lift is amazing. However, the process must be carried out carefully and by an expert, as nuances determine how high the brow will stand. The effect of the botulinum toxin is not immediately visible. We would be happy to explain the details to you in a personal consultation during our consultation hours for aesthetic medicine in Bern and Zurich.

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