Wrinkle treatment with botox in Bern

Duration of treatment

30 min

Type of stunning

Numbing cream

Hospital stay




Recommended physical rest

1 day



Sport possible after

1 day

Price / cost

Mimic wrinkles: e.g. E.g. frown lines 240.- SFR

Mimic wrinkles: e.g. E.g. frown lines 240.- SFR

Botox hilft gegen Zornesfalten, Krähenfüsse und Stirnfalten aber auch Falten im unteren Gesichtsdrittel und Hals. Botulinmtoxin lähmt die mimischen Muskeln und glättet die Falten. Prof. Shafighi ist der Bern und ganz Schweiz bekannt für minimale invasive Faltenbehandlung

Botulinum toxin A against wrinkles in Bern


With increasing age, fine lines become visible in all people at some point, which dig deeper and deeper into the skin over time and become more visible. The wrinkles are particularly pronounced on parts of the body that are increasingly exposed to sunlight. Accordingly, the wrinkles on the face, neck, cleavage and hands are best visible and make the entire appearance appear tired or older. The localization, type and depth can indicate a sad or sullen facial expression. These include the forehead lines, the wrinkles on the sides of the eyes, so-called "crow's feet" and the wrinkles between the eyebrows, so-called "frown lines".

Cause of wrinkles

In addition to the normal aging process and familial / genetic predisposition, stress, but also natural facial expressions, are decisive in the development of wrinkles. Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, irregular sleep, but also the quality of the skin cause these unpopular wrinkles to appear earlier.

Wrinkle treatment

In aesthetic medicine, various measures are used individually or in combination.

Botox for wrinkle treatment is a popular method here in Bern and Zurich.

Mimic wrinkles, which are caused by voluntary or involuntary movements, especially in the upper third of the face, can be smoothed out with the help of Botox.

In the case of volume losses, which occur with deep and static wrinkles, mostly in the middle and lower third of the face, a gel treatment with hyaluronic acid can be harmonized.

In addition, the fine and superficial wrinkles ("creases") can be smoothed out using a modern, fractionated CO2 laser. These are partly due to the individual skin quality but also the strong UV exposure and can be improved by renewing the top layer of skin using a fractionated laser ("sieving technique").

But it is also suitable for the facial muscles. The face should be carefully analyzed beforehand in order to be able to administer an individually adjusted dosage and thereby achieve a symmetrical result. Botox can be used successfully on disruptive facial muscles. Small amounts are often sufficient for an excellent result.

Result of wrinkle treatment

The aim of wrinkle treatment with us is to smooth the skin and make the skin and appearance appear fresher and younger. Particular care is taken to ensure that the natural appearance is not significantly changed.

Botox is used for frown lines and crow's feet in Bern and Zurich.

The entire appearance should appear more relaxed, youthful and fresher. The optical rejuvenation is usually accompanied by a significantly increased self-confidence of the patient.

Wrinkle treatment of the facial muscles

Botulinum toxin A is also suitable for the facial muscles. An analysis of the contours and landmarks of the face must be carried out by the expert in order to develop a concept tailored to you and thereby achieve a symmetrical result. Botox can be used successfully on disruptive facial muscles. Small amounts are often sufficient for an excellent result.

Frown lines
This is the most common place where botulinum toxin is used. There are different groups that I choose for this wrinkle treatment option. One group is repeatedly asked that they look angry. The other group pounced on the newly formed wrinkles in the middle of their face, making them appear strained and tired. The last group complains of headaches and hopes for an improvement by reducing the muscles in this area, i.e. M corrugator and Procerus. During the wrinkle treatment with Botox, these two muscle groups are immobilized, which pull the brows inwards. The frown lines can be relaxed and smoothed with Botox. However, if the frown lines are very deep, the combination of Botox with injections of hyaluronic acid gives the best result. The hyaluronic acid replaces missing subcutaneous tissue. At the same time, botulinum toxin A causes the eyebrows to diverge slightly (1-2 mm), giving them a more relaxed and fresher appearance.

Botox is very suitable for smoothing frown lines.

Crow's feet

The wrinkles on the side and below the eyes are caused by the contraction of the eyes. Especially the wrinkles on the side under the eye, on the eyelid are annoying for some, because they make you appear tired. By treating these ring muscles superficially, the eyes can be opened to the side, but the eyebrows can also be raised a little. This makes the appearance fresher and more alert. This in no way leads to an unnatural appearance, which we are often asked about. The muscles are partially reduced during movement, so that a natural appearance can still be guaranteed. In other words, after treating the crow's feet alone, the outside cannot be seen. This area is the most popular part of the Botox treatment, as these various effects appear very natural and are not noticeable.

Forehead wrinkles

The wrinkles on the forehead are caused by the facial expressions caused by the facial muscles in the front. With Botox in an adequate dosage, these wrinkles can be smoothed out so that they are less visible without appearing artificial. For younger people, superficial wrinkles and as a prophylaxis, botox "low dose" can also be used. All movements are possible, but somewhat weakened. Correspondingly, the formation of wrinkles is delayed or reduced in the case of existing wrinkles. This can be determined in advance with Dr: Shafighi.

After treatment with botulinum toxin

Treatment with botulinum toxin A in Bern is usually a short, low-risk procedure. The injection causes little pain in the treated areas and subsides after a few minutes. The procedure can very well be carried out on a normal working day. There is no loss of work. You can immediately go back to your normal daily routine. However, a facial massage, exercise or eyebrow plucking on the same day after the botox injection should be avoided. The effects of Botox do not start immediately after the treatment, as with hyaluronic acid. The result of botulinum toxin A is only visible after 2-7 days. It can take up to 10 days for the effects to fully develop. The effect of botox is temporary, the botox is broken down in the body. Regular refreshment is necessary for a lasting result. The second wrinkle treatment with Botox is usually started after four to eight months. On average, our patients come to us twice a year for a refresher.

Possible complications in wrinkle treatment

Complications are very rare with Botox treatments. Allergic reactions and intolerances are rarely or extremely rarely observed and can easily be treated with medication against allergies. Occasionally, after the botulinum toxin treatment, bruises or small reddening appear, which soon disappear or can be covered with cosmetics. Headaches that last a few hours to days but are easy to control with pain relievers are known to be a side effect, but usually only a slight, temporary pulling sensation is felt. The botulinum toxin treatment should be carried out by an experienced doctor, because otherwise complications such as lowering of the eyebrows or eyelid ptosis (Hängelid) can occur. If too high a dosage is chosen, partial paralysis of the area is possible. This subsides as soon as the botulinum toxin is broken down by the body. For this reason, patients should make sure to consult a plastic surgeon for wrinkle treatment with Botox.

Botulinum toxin prevents excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Hyperhidrosis is caused by the vegetative, i.e. the involuntary, nervous system. Too many signals are inadvertently sent to the sweat glands. This leads to excessive sweating in certain areas. Like the "blushing" in everyday life, this cannot be controlled, so that you sweat uncomfortably. Especially in public, during work, but also in private life, it is very uncomfortable for those affected. The treatment with botox is very effective and has a very relieving effect on patients with these life-influencing complaints described. The superficial injections are hardly painful because we apply a local anesthetic using ointment before the treatment. This treatment is often covered by the health insurance company upon request. The effect lasts longer in hyperhidrosis than in wrinkles - usually between 8 and 10 months. The sweat gland suction in the armpit is very suitable for permanent treatment. This treatment can be done on an outpatient basis in twilight sleep and leads to permanent relief. In most cases, this will be covered by the health insurance company upon request.

Botulinum toxin for bruxism (grinding your teeth at night or clenching your teeth during the day) - treatment

Clenching and grinding of teeth can wear out the teeth. The tooth support system can be overloaded and the jaw joint, the masticatory muscles, but also other muscle groups that ensure the stabilization of the head, can be temporarily or permanently damaged. The life partners of the persons concerned are also often disturbed by the nocturnal crunch. For the above reasons, early treatment is necessary. Often a splint is first used by the dentist, as this is determined by the dentist in many cases.

The treatment can also be carried out very simply and easily with botox.
Aesthetically, the patients also benefit from this treatment, as the often too square faces become more heart-shaped again due to the oversized chewing muscles (M. Masseter).

Would you like to see before and after photos of patients treated with BTX? In our clinic in Muri near Bern or in Zurich we would be happy to show you pictures of our results!

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Botulinumtoxin A

Ist die Faltenbehandlung mit Botox schmerzhaft?

Das Faltenbehandlung mit Botox erfolgt mit sehr dünnen Nadeln. Die meisten Patienten empfinden die Injektion manchmal als etwas unangenehm aber nicht unbedingt schmerzhaft. Hier könnte auch nach Wunsch vor der Behandlung eine örtliche Betäubung mittels Crème erfolgen.

Oder kann man gleich die Faltenbehandlung durchgeführen?

Sicherlich ist eine Beratung notwendig. Jedoch kann nach der Aufklärung die Botox Faltenbehandlung sofort erfolgen.

Ab wann ist das Resultat sichtbar und wie lange hält der Effekt?

Die Wirkung setzt meist 5-10 Tage nach der Behandlung ein, das Resultat hält für einen Zeitraum von 6-8 Monaten an.Die Wirkung bei der Behandlung von Hyperhidrosis hält 8-10 Monate.

Was ist genau "Botox" ?

Botox ist ein Protein, ursprünglich ein Nervenhemmer und wird in kleinster Dosierung als Muskelrelaxans eingesetzt, das die Muskelkontraktion durch Blockade des hierfür notwendigen Botenstoffes vermindert. Dadurch kommt es zu einer Muskelentspannung, die dafür sorgt, dass sich mimische Falten glätten bzw. vollständig verschwinden. Botutlinum Toxin A ist ein Protein, welches in kleinster Dosis zu einer Muskelentspannung führt. Botox hemmt die Erregungsübertragung zwischen Nerven und Muskulatur. Da es nur jeweils auf einzelne Muskeln wirkt, können dadurch mimische Falten selektiv geglättet werden. Dabei verändert sich bei korrekter Anwendung der Gesichtsausdruck nicht.

Darf Botox auch während der Schwangerschaft oder in der Stillzeit angewendet werden?

Aus Sicherheitsgründen sollten während der Schwangerschaft und der Stillzeit keine Botox Faltenbehandliung erfolgen.

Our news about botulinum toxin in Bern & Zurich

Botulinum toxin A or B?

There are 7 different types of botulinum toxin protein, ranging from A to G. The word Botox means type A. However, type B is also used in medicine in medicine. The analysis in scientific papers showed that botulinum toxin B in wrinkle treatment has a faster effect, but the effect lasts shorter. Thus botulinum toxin B is inferior to the common botox. Overall, the data from current science are not sufficient to make a final judgment. So the experts cannot recommend replacing Botox with BTX B.

We use a Swiss product called Botox, which is of the highest quality.
Botulinum toxin acts as an “intelligent protein” in the cell metabolism and prevents the cell from transporting a signal protein to the outside. This means that the nerve impulse cannot be passed on from the nerve cell to the muscle cell. Accordingly, the muscle can no longer contract as much. The effects of Botox in the cell appear 2 - 7 days after the treatment and wear off after 4 - 8 months. After this time, the nerve cells and the muscles function without any loss. The protein botulinum toxin is broken down and broken down. When the effect wears off, the original wrinkles reappear. After multiple injections of Botox, a prolonged effect is observed in some cases. An early start with prophylaxis can delay or reduce the formation of wrinkles. Botox has a preventive effect.

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