Bodylift: tummy tuck - thigh lift

Duration of treatment

3 - 4 hours.

Type of stunning

general anesthetic

Hospital stay

12 days


4 -6 weeks compression bandage

Recommended physical rest

2 -3 weeks


after 2-3 weeks

Sport possible after

4 -6 weeks

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The body lift is a plastic surgical procedure that is very successful as a package of aesthetic procedures. It is used when a massive weight reduction has left its mark on the body. After being very overweight, which has been successfully lost, the great performance and success are unfortunately mostly diminished.

After a strong and, above all, rapid weight reduction, the body or the shell cannot regress quickly enough. The desired adaptation of the outermost appearance after diet or gastric banding, gastric bypass or gastric reduction surgery is missing. This can lead to great frustration. The great effort that has been made, the time invested, the decision to take this big step and the implementation are already associated with a lot of effort.

Even so, the excess tissue is still there after successful weight loss. In particular on the upper arms, stomach, thighs, back and buttocks, but also breasts, there can be downright unfavorable misshapen problem areas. These can no longer be improved by losing even more weight.

The elasticity of the skin can no longer recover, and you cannot improve the problem areas even further through exercise, massage or liposuction. These residuals can be psychologically very stressful, even more stressful than the previous excess weight, because there the body was at least evenly shaped in its fullness. Many people feel ashamed of the excess sagging skin after successful weight loss. You feel surrounded by a fake shell.

The body lift can help in precisely these cases. Bodylift means removing the hanging tissue and excess skin, tightening the skin and thus optimally lifting the body silhouette again. With the body lift (sometimes also referred to as circumferential body lift), several body regions can be tightened simultaneously, i.e. in a single operation.

The body lift in plastic surgery is a newer method, but it is hard to imagine the correction of sometimes grotesque conditions after massive weight reduction. There are essentially the upper and lower body lifts. The lower body lift tightens the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. With the upper body lift, the upper arms and breasts are tightened. The body contour and skin quality are significantly improved. Hardly any operation in plastic surgery has such a big effect.

Requirements & preliminary clarifications

The desired weight should be reached before performing a body lift. The patient should have kept this weight stable for a period of about 6 months. Since this is a major operation, the BMI (body mass index) should be below 30 so that the risk of wound healing disorders or postoperative infection can be minimized. It is optimal if there is also a high BMI drop due to the weight loss.

The body lift is the largest intervention that can be performed on an outpatient basis. If the surgical risk is somewhat higher, the procedure is also offered with a short stay in hospital. With us in Muri in Bern, overnight stays after the operation and supervision by trained staff are also possible. All necessary clarifications are made before the operation.

This includes taking a blood sample with electrolytes, a complete blood count, kidney values, etc., which can also be done by the family doctor. What can largely promote postoperative wound healing is to reduce nicotine consumption to a minimum from about 4 weeks before the procedure and, ideally, to stop smoking completely.

Operation - body lift
With the lower bodylift , the incision is placed around the body in a circular manner . With an additional thigh lift , it can be extended into the groin. The entire lower half of the body can be tightened in one operation. This specialized tightening can also reshape the underlying tissue. This leads to a noticeable improvement in the body silhouette.

With the upper body lift , a breast lift with or without breast augmentation and an upper arm lift can be combined. The breast lift is carried out in the same way as with the classic aesthetic breast lift. The fullness is achieved through one's own tissue and an enlargement is only made if this is the patient's request. The combination with a tightening of the upper arms gives a nice overall picture. The scar is also easy to hide here. An additional liposuction can be performed with every body lift, if it makes sense.


The health insurance company will assume the costs

If there is a medical indication for a body lift, the health insurance company may fully or at least partially cover the costs of the operation.

Would you like to see before and after photos about the body lift? In our clinic in Muri near Bern, we would be happy to show you pictures of our body lift results!

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Bodylift (Bauch- und Oberschenkelstraffung)

Was bietet ein Bodylift und wer kann von diesem Eingriff profitieren?

Durch die oft jahrelange Überdehnung hat die Haut ihre Elastizität verloren, sodass oft ein grosser Hautüberschuss bleibt. Dieser kann unter Umständen psychisch belastender als das soeben verlorene Übergewicht sein. In solchen Fällen ist ein Bodylift die optimale Lösung, weil es die Straffung gleich mehrerer Körperregionen wie Bauch, Gesäss und Oberschenkel in einer einzigen Operation ermöglicht.

Was wird gemacht und welche Veränderung kann erwartet werden?

Die Schnittführung geht beim unteren Bodylift einmal zirkulär um den Körper herum. Damit gelingt es, die gesamte untere Körperhälfte in nur einer Sitzung zu straffen. Mit einem Bodylift wird nicht nur die Haut gestrafft, sondern auch das darunter liegende Gewebe neu geformt. Das Ergebnis ist eine deutliche Verbesserung der Körpersilhouette.

Warum wird die Durchführung eines Bodylifts anstatt mehrerer kleineren Operationen empfohlen?

Früher wurden bei einer erheblichen Gewebeerschlaffung der unteren Körper­region mehrere Eingriffe durchgeführt. Zumeist wurde zunächst eine Bauchde­ckenplastik vorgenommen, dann eine Oberschenkelstraffung, gegebenenfalls ein Flankenlift sowie eine Gesässstraffung. Dies hatte zur Folge, dass bis zum endgültigen Ergebnis etwa zwei bis zweieinhalb Jahre vergangen waren. Der Vorteil liegt jedoch nicht nur in der Zeitersparnis, bei der Bodyliftoperation wer­den die Gewebeverschiebungen so geplant, dass die Hautüberschüsse ideal ver­teilt werden können - viel besser, als man dies mit mehreren Einzeloperationen erreichen könnte.

Wann kann man das Resultat sehen?

Eine Veränderung der Körperkontur ist gleich im Anschluss an die Operation ersichtlich. Das Endresultat wird sich jedoch erst über die anschliessenden Monaten zeigen. Die Schwellung wird nach 3-6 Monaten vollständig verschwunden sein.

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