Tummy tuck - tummy tuck in Bern

Duration of treatment

2 -3 hours.

Type of stunning

Twilight sleep or general anesthesia

Hospital stay

1 day


3 - 4 weeks sports bra

Recommended physical rest

1 - 3 weeks


after 1 week

Sport possible after

4 -6 weeks

Price / cost for mini tummy tuck

7500 - 8,500 SFR

Price / cost for a complete tummy tuck

from 9,500 SFR

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The skin often does not recede after pregnancy or major weight loss. Thus, the skin is stretched and there is excess skin. Here, liposuction alone is not sufficient. Many people have problems with their figure. The abdominal area in particular is a problem area that can not only be improved sufficiently with exercise, diet or liposuction. There can be many reasons why the skin / fat tissue still sags even though the volume has been significantly reduced. This has in part with the quality of the skin and the connective tissue too. This is particularly annoying in the area of the lower abdomen. The most common causes are, for example, obesity with rapid weight loss, overstretching of the abdominal wall after pregnancy or weak connective tissue. This can also arise secondary, for example in the case of an abdominal wall hernia in the area of pre-existing scars.

These are the main reasons why a tummy tuck is performed. We then perform the tummy tuck (also called "abdominoplasty" in technical jargon) if there is a significant excess of skin and soft tissue on the abdomen with no prospect of improvement through weight reduction or liposuction. After severe weight loss or pregnancy, the remaining skin layer may have been overstretched and therefore not return on its own. The abdominal skin with the associated fat content remains large, wrinkled and slack. The skin's own elasticity is definitely overwhelmed here. The skin coat can no longer form itself back into the desired form. This is also known in technical jargon as dermatochalasis and dermatolipochalasis and can only be corrected with a mini tummy tuck or a tummy tuck in combination with liposuction.

The main reason for this is the relaxation of skin tension. The excess skin hangs down and can take on a great deal, not only physically, but also mentally. It can lead to personal withdrawal in everyday life. Especially in the summer season, the unsightly stomach can become a torture for those affected. Often not only the skin is a problem because of the overhang, there are also unsightly tears in the skin. Colloquially, they are often called stretch marks or stretch marks. In technical terms, they are called Striae or Striae distensae.

The abdominal muscles also play a role. This is usually grown together in the middle. Due to the configuration of the abdominal muscles, a six-pack can develop. Now it may be that this center line, which should be tight, also diverges. This leads to diastasis recti. This creates a balloon-shaped upper or lower abdomen or even the entire abdomen. One can mistake this problem for too big a belly, although not too much fat is the problem. Prof. Shafighi examines this and can adapt the surgical method accordingly after finding it. This diastasis rectus can be corrected surgically. Depending on the extent and complaints, this will be taken over by the health insurance company upon request by Prof. Shafighi.

It has also been observed that the hanging and overstretched tissue leads to skin problems. The soft tissues and skin rub against each other chronically, sweating occurs and skin irritation and inflammation develop (intertrigo). Fungal skin infections can also build up on top of this. If this is the case, the health insurance company may be able to cover part or all of the surgery costs.

The tummy tuck is an operation that is not only popular for purely aesthetic reasons. Behind the tummy tuck surgery there is often a long path of suffering and a high level of suffering that should not be underestimated. You can also see that the fat apron affects not only women, but also more and more men, and that both women and men of different ages decide to have an abdominal wall surgery / tummy tuck. This is especially the case when the ideal weight is there and neither diets nor intensive training help. Then the excess skin and fat tissue can be gently removed during the tummy tuck, so that a beautiful, flat stomach is created.

Important information about tummy tuck - tummy tuck

State-of-the-art surgical techniques in various combinations enable Prof. Shafighi nowadays to remove excess fat and skin tissue permanently and with low risk from almost everyone with an abdominal wall surgery. During a tummy tuck, the excess tissue is removed horizontally. Care is taken to ensure that the scar is hidden in the bikini. This can be determined individually with Prof. Shafighi so that it is not visible in the bikini.

In special cases the excess tissue can be removed vertically, or a combination of both can be done. Often the tightening is combined with liposuction of the upper abdomen and the flanks to create a harmonious image.

Since in most cases for candidates for a tummy tuck all layers of the abdominal wall are affected with skin fat tissue and abdominal muscles, the tummy tuck usually does not just consist of removing excess skin and fat deposits. A complete abdominal wall reconstruction is usually carried out.

If there is only a small excess of skin in the lower abdomen, a mini tummy tuck with a shorter scar is an option. This tightening only affects the lower abdomen, not the upper abdomen.

The mini tummy tuck (mini abdominoplasty) can also be combined with liposuction.

In addition, with the tummy tuck, the straight abdominal muscles (which can form a "six-pack" when pronounced), which have spread apart due to weight gain or multiple pregnancies, can be pulled back together and tightened. The abdominal wall is strengthened and the abdominal wall is pulled inwards and the waist / flanks are narrowed and defined at the same time. Combined with liposuction in the flanks, it has an enormous effect on the contours of the figure. During these operations, the scars in the lower abdomen such as the caesarean section or appendix scars can also be removed.

In most cases, stretch marks in the lower abdomen (i.e. below the belly button) are also removed during an abdominoplasty. This is done by Prof. Shafighi removing the excess skin tissue below the navel and tightening the entire abdominal skin.

Mr. Shafighi most often uses horizontal abdominoplasty in combination with liposuction (lipoabdominoplasty) in the upper abdomen and flanks. If there is a diastasis rectus (the straight abdominal muscles diverge), these rectus muscles are also tightened. This is visible from the outside in the improvement of the contours in the sense of a taut stomach, but also the emphasis on the waist.

The contour of the abdomen is changed from the side but also the appearance from the front. It is a completely new contouring of the physical silhouette. The before and after effect of this combination of tummy tuck and liposuction is usually impressive.

Tummy tuck by the expert Prof. Dr. med. Shafighi
With a tummy tuck, in most cases the excess soft tissue is removed through the transverse cut from the upper edge of the pubic hair. In this way, the scar can be hidden very well in the bikini area. The skin of the abdomen can be pulled down like a sweater and the excess removed and the stomach tightened. Every abdominal wall surgery, regardless of whether there is a small or large excess of skin, is characterized by its careful and highly qualified plastic-surgical suturing and operating technique. Ideally, only fine lines are created that can be hidden well under clothing. Treated patients practically never report any annoying scars after this procedure, but the effect and positivity are immense and Prof. Shafighi is always personally pleased. The tummy tuck is a very satisfactory procedure, but it belongs in the hands of a professional.

In order to achieve the ideal starting position, Prof. Shafighi in our practice in Zurich and Bern recommends that you have completed a suitable weight reduction before the tummy tuck and that you are as close as possible to your individual target weight. The controls after the tummy tuck is determined by Prof. Shafighi. Since the Meduno practice clinic has its own recovery room with 3 beds, an overnight stay in the sense of a surgical day clinic with its own nursing staff is possible. This is unique in the Bern area - you don't have to go to the hospital. The wound controls are carried out by Prof. Shafighi and the specially trained team. The dressing changes after the tummy tuck are individually determined and personally supervised by Prof. Shafighi. To be able to offer this rather larger plastic surgical procedure on an outpatient basis is a real seal of approval in plastic surgery.

For 4-6 weeks after the tummy tuck, you should take it easy and avoid sport so that the wound can heal well. During this time after the tummy tuck, the compression belt must also be worn day and night. You will receive this compression belt from us directly after the operation. Showering is possible again just a few days after the operation, bathing only after the external wound has healed.

Prof. Shafighi will be happy to inform you about the optimal follow-up treatment.
The fresh scar should not be exposed to the sun for 1 year, it is best to use sun cream with SPF 50+ and / or a plaster. The beauty of a scar takes time; it can only be assessed after six months at the earliest. After this time, however, do not hesitate to ask if the result is not completely satisfactory for you. Follow-up treatments with the CO2 laser and the like can be offered.

Operation - mini tummy tuck - mini tummy tuck

If there is excess tissue that only exists in the lower abdomen below the navel, it is not necessary to loosen the navel. A navel dislocation is therefore not necessary in this case. The operation and tightening are only carried out below the navel and therefore require a shorter horizontal scar (so-called mini-abdominoplasty). This operation is also called mini tummy tuck in German.

The scar resulting from the operation (tummy tuck & mini tummy tuck) is basically planned so that it comes to lie within the bikini area and is therefore not visible. This means that you have no annoying, noticeable scars after the tummy tuck. With the expertise of Prof. Shafighi here in Bern, you can decide whether the tummy tuck should also be combined with liposuction, i.e. liposuction, in order to seal the remaining fat deposits in different places such as the upper abdomen and flanks but also in other parts of the body at the same time optimize.

Prof. Shafighi is an absolute specialist in the field of tummy tuck and so-called body contouring. Here in Bern we have a state-of-the-art, high-quality device for liposuction. For many years, Prof. Shafighi has used the latest and gentlest procedures in body sculpting surgery. High-tech processes are used here not only for the tummy tuck, but also for the thigh lift, upper arm lift and the so-called body lift.

With our first information on tummy tuck on our website, we can only speak in general and not address you personally and individually. We would therefore like to recommend an individual consultation with the renowned specialist Prof. Shafighi, who will be happy to explain and answer your questions and needs. He will be happy to show you before and after photo examples of a mini tummy tuck, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in combination with liposuction or diastasis rectal correction so that you can get an idea of ​​the expected result.

Would you like to see photos of the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with liposuction before and after? In our clinic in Bern we are happy to show you pictures of our abdominoplasty results!

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Bauchstraffung - Bauchdeckenstraffung

Kann eine Fettabsaugung eine Bauchdeckenstraffung ersetzen?

Nein. Eine Fettabsaugung reduziert lediglich das Fettvolumen und kann die notwendige Straffung der Bauchhaut nicht bewirken. Die Fettabsaugung kann aber zur Verbesserung des Gesamtergebnisses als begleitende Massnahme eingesetzt werden.

Können mit einer Bauchdeckenstraffung Schwangerschaftsstreifen beseitigt werden?

Ja, allerdings nur diejenigen, die sich auf dem zu entfernenden Hautüberschuss befinden. Schwangerschaftsstreifen, die über der Nabelregion liegen, können leider nicht entfernt werden, wandern aber deutlich weiter nach unten, sodass sich das Erscheinungsbild in jedem Fall verbessert.

Was versteht man unter dem Begriff „Rektusdiastase“?

Mit Rektusdiastase bezeichnet man das Auseinanderweichen des paarig angelegten geraden Bauchmuskels (Musculus rectus abdominis). Eine Rektusdiastase entsteht bei Frauen oft durch Schwangerschaften, bei Männern durch massive Gewichtszunahme. Die Rektusdiastase imponiert durch einen mehr oder weniger breiten und deutlich tastbaren Spalt in der Bauchmitte bei Muskelanspannung.

Wie lange hält das Resultat, kann man auch danach wieder zu- und abnehmen?

Man kann am Bauch zu- und abnehmen wie vor dem Eingriff. Dabei kommt es in der Regel zu keinen Unförmigkeiten. Eine Bauchdeckenstraffung beeinflusst den Stoffwechsel nicht. Wenn es zu keinen starken Gewichtsschwankungen kommt, ist das Ergebnis von Dauer.

Ist eine Bauchdeckenstraffung mit grossen sichtbaren Narben verbunden?

Abhängig von den individuellen Gegebenheiten kann der Schnitt kürzer oder etwas länger ausfallen. Er verläuft waagrecht im Bereich der Schamhaargrenze, damit die späteren Narben gut im Slip oder Bikini versteckt werden können. Moderne, gekonnte Schnitttechniken sorgen in der Regel für eine feine Narbenbildung und Wundheilung.




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