Dark circles - treat bags under the eyes with hyaluronic acid

Duration of treatment

30 min

Type of stunning

Numbing cream and

NEW anesthetic in hyaluronic acid

Hospital stay




Recommended physical rest

1 day



Sport possible after

1 day

Price / cost

650-1000.- SFR

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At the edge of the lower eyelid there is a natural border, which is formed by a furrow. This is hardly noticeable for most of them. However, with age or when you have slept little, for example, this becomes more visible along with the bags under the eyes. The tear furrow is even more pronounced as the anatomical border of the lower eyelid, tear trough. Here is the border, which is formed by a layer of connective tissue, the so-called septum, and which has grown together with the bony eye socket. Due to the high set-up of this septum, bags under the eyes can develop at a young age. The classic dark circles together with the bags under the eyes, however, come with age due to the weakening of the connective tissue and the sagging of the fat in them. Visually, we associate tiredness and age with the bags under the eyes or the pronounced tear furrow.

This unevenness can be distributed from the inside of the tear trough to the outside by introducing hyaluronic acid in the area of the lower eyelid border.
Dark circles under the eyes, caused by the thin skin of the lower eyelid and the pronounced vascular network underneath, or hyperpigmentation of the skin can also increase the dark circles. However, this should be looked at in the analysis by Prof. Shafighi, as the treatment of dark circles under the eyes differs from bags under the eyes.

Remove bags under the eyes - improve dark circles

The dark circles can continue in the middle of the tear furrow and laterally in the upper middle face in the so-called crow's feet. The bags under the eyes can make dark circles appear even more noticeable. With targeted treatment with hyaluronic acid, these furrows can be filled and the transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek can be harmonized. The volume of hyaluronic acid fills this furrow and lifts the skin at the lower eyelid border. Concealing the dark circles at the same time reduces the so-called bags under the eyes, although these are not touched directly by the injection.

The eyelid skin is the thinnest skin we have and therefore fine and therefore very easily influenced by the local conditions such as the underlying fat, but also the skin, which loses its elasticity with age. It also plays a role that the cheek fat and the skin associated with it sag down with age and thus the midface, which plays an important role in the face with regard to youthfulness. In summary, the following factors play an important role in dark circles or bags under the eyes

  • Skin quality in the area of ​​the lower eyelid

  • Position of the connective tissue edge, the so-called septal attachment "arcus marginalis"

  • Weakening of the connective tissue, the septum, and the resulting protrusion of the fat bodies below

  • Darker discoloration of the dark circles due to hyperpigmentation or a pronounced underlying vascular network

Injecting hyaluronic acid around the dark circles can make the eyes look livelier and fresher. The removal of the tear furrows by injecting hyaluronic acid is an effective method to reduce the dark circles. This makes you look less 'worn out, old' or tired. This leads to a fresh and alert look.

Improve dark circles in Muri b Bern with Prof. Dr. med. Shafighi in the MedUno practice. An eyelid lift can also do a lot!

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Hyaluronic acid treatment of the tear furrows

We use high-quality hyaluronic acid for the injection of the dark circles to stabilize and lift the furrow. The main risk of the injection is a small bruise, which disappears within approx. 10 days. These bruises are rare. These can be covered very easily with cosmetics. For this reason, we let the patients cool with us with cold packs. Immediately after the treatment, there may be deep bruises due to the swelling, invisible bruises.

If the skin is too slack or the bags under the eyes are sagging, treatment with hyaluronic acid has limited options. For this reason, surgical correction in the form of a lower eyelid lift with removal of the bags under the eyes should be considered in these situations.

Depending on the depth of the furrow or dark circles, 0.3 to 0.5 ml of hyaluronic acid gel are used per eye. After the first treatment, a few months later, on average, it may make sense to "refill" the skin so that the first time it is not overstretched and "more skin is created" as a result. In this way, a gradual, gentle treatment can take place, as recommended by Prof. Shafighi in Bern. On our website but also in a personal consultation for aesthetic interventions with Prof. Shafighi we give you more information about injections with hyaluronic acid, such as removing dark circles, removing tear furrows, hiding tear ducts and weakening bags under the eyes without an operation, or a tightening with one Small surgery (eyelid lift) under local anesthesia with a local syringe. We will be happy to explain the details to you, also with great transparency regarding costs and prices. Read our website or make an appointment at

Prof. Shafighi in Bern.

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