Eyebrow lifting with hyaluronic acid

Duration of treatment

30 min

Type of stunning

Numbing cream and

NEW anesthetic in hyaluronic acid

Hospital stay




Recommended physical rest

1 day



Sport possible after

1 day

Price / cost

Raised eyebrows 420.- SFR


When the eyebrows come down and are deep one appears tired or sad. This also leads to an excess of drooping eyelids on the upper eyelids. For women, the eyebrows should be higher than the roof of the eye and for men at the level of the roof of the eye, so that the eye appears young and fresh.

With age, various changes in age begin, which one cannot, or only with difficulty, prevent or delay without taking action. Gravity and the loss of elasticity as well as wear and tear lead to slackening and loss of tension in the skin of the eyebrows and upper eyelids. As already mentioned, not only the excess upper eyelids, so-called drooping eyelids, lead to a sad and tired historical expression.

The raised eyebrows create the exact opposite. Here you look fresher and younger, appear more alert. The aim is to bring the eyebrows back to their original, younger-looking, more awake position. The eyebrows can be raised surgically or interventionally with botox or hyaluronic acid. The brow lift with botulinum toxin is a typical beauty procedure, known in specialist circles as a brow lift. This non-operative method is a facelift and rejuvenates the face. However, many do not want surgery and want a gentle method of lifting their eyebrows.

Hyaluronic acid for eyebrow elevation is in Bern with Prof. Dr. Shafighi is a very popular method that is used alone or in combination with Botox to raise the eyebrows.

With the power of hyaluronic acid for an attractive expression of the eyes

Large open eyes with full brows are a sign of freshness and attractiveness. The eyes and the area around the eyes are the most important organ for appearance and non-spoken communication. Generally one is judged and perceived through the eye area.

Injecting the eyebrows with hyaluronic acid lifts the eyebrows and makes them appear fuller. At the same time, the upper eyelids are raised so that it appears like a mini lift - without surgery.

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