Botulinum toxin - hyaluronic acid : Wrinkle treatment & wrinkle injections & injecting lips

A fresh, youthful appearance catches the eye and leaves a lasting impression. But time, age and negative lifestyle habits (e.g. smoking) can leave their mark on your face and on your skin in general. The result is wrinkles such as frown lines, crow's feet or other permanent wrinkles that show up in the forehead area or around the nose, eyes and mouth. The skin appears generally slacker and more tired. Anti-aging creams usually no longer have any effect and often only reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the early stages. If frown lines etc. are bothering you, a wrinkle treatment can be the solution and restore your youthful appearance.

In our clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Bern and Zurich, Prof. Shafighi is also a specialist in wrinkle treatment.

We offer all known wrinkle treatments, such as:

We also use botox as part of wrinkle treatment in Muri near Bern.

We rely on a very special aesthetic concept, which we will be happy to present to you.

Every day, Prof. Shafighi performs wrinkle treatments in Muri near Bern and does not neglect the research aspect. We regularly conduct internal studies on cosmetic results, sustainability and risks of wrinkle treatments and only use quality products.

Wrinkle treatment - whether with botulinum toxin or gel filler - which method is the better for you, a free professional first consultation is offered by Prof. Shafighi!

We know that not every method of wrinkle treatment is suitable for all types of wrinkles. With our knowledge and extensive experience in this area, we will work with you to find an adequate wrinkle treatment. There are several methods to choose from in Bern and Zurich, which can be tailored to your specific type after a precise individual analysis.

Wrinkle treatment with botox has been used in cosmetics and cosmetic surgery for more than 20 years and is considered safe.

The special active ingredient botulinum toxin is also known under the name Botox and is actually a bacterial protein. Wrinkle treatment with botox (also BTX or botulinum toxin) is most often used in wrinkle treatment in Bern for the following types of wrinkles:

  • Frown lines

  • Crow's feet

  • Mimic muscles / mimic wrinkles

Botox ensures that the muscles are weakened for a certain period of time by interrupting the transmission of the signal. So new wrinkles cannot form and existing ones are smoothed out by relaxation. There is no damage. Wrinkle treatment with Botox can certainly be used on the first, small wrinkles and can then be repeated over time as the effect decreases or decreases, and can be repeated any number of times.

Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid , another substance that has been used in aesthetics for wrinkle treatment for many years, is used on other types of wrinkles. Hyaluron is a popular, very well tolerated filler (filler), which can mostly compensate for the loss of volume in the skin. This filling, cushioning effect is due to the fact that the active ingredient hyaluronic acid attracts large amounts of water. This causes the skin to be cushioned and at the same time tightened, as a result of which wrinkles are reduced or, in some cases, can disappear. A wrinkle injection or injection with hyaluron as a filler is recommended for the following wrinkles:

  • Nasolabial folds

  • Lips

  • Rhinoplasty without surgery

  • Frown lines in the area of ​​the eyebrows

  • Side eyebrows to raise the eyebrows

  • Contour improvement of the cheeks (zygomatic arch), the chin, the jaw line (jaw line)

  • Upper lip wrinkles (smoker's wrinkles)

  • Marionette folds

  • Earlobe

When it comes to wrinkle treatment in Bern, we rely on specialist quality. Knowledge of the anatomy is essential for a successful filler treatment with hyaluronic acid or wrinkle treatment with Botox. It is important to us that we use an efficient form of wrinkle treatment, which also looks natural and is not noticeable, safety and quality assurance of the products are our top priorities.

Read about Botox Bern, injecting lips or wrinkle treatment CH with Prof. Shafighi.

What can you expect from a wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin - hyaluron in Bern?

Thanks to our specialization in wrinkle treatment and injections on lips, we can offer the most modern treatment concepts in Bern. We rely on specially developed fold concepts that we can tailor to you. Examples for this are:

3D contour concept instead of wrinkle concept : An individual combination of different forms of wrinkle treatments is used here. The aim is to obtain fresh, youthful and adaptable (never artificial) skin with a three-dimensional effect on the contours of the face.

Wrinkle treatment & wrinkle injections: costs - what costs should I expect?

A normal wrinkle treatment with Botox starts in our clinic for cosmetic surgery in Muri near Bern at 230.00 SFR. This amount naturally includes advice and follow-up checks. The following is an overview of the price structure in our clinic Meduno for cosmetic surgery: see Financing / Prices.

Eine Faltenbehandlung mit Botox wird seit mehr als 20 Jahren in der kosmetischen- und Schönheitschirurgie eingesetzt. Der spezielle Wirkstoff ist auch unter dem Namen Botox bekannt und ist ein Bakterieneiweiss. Eine Faltenbehandlung mit Botox wird am Häufigsten bei folgenden Faltenarten eingesetzt:  Zornesfalten  Stirnfalten  Sorgesfalten  Lachfältchen und Krähenfüsse  Bunny lines (Nasenfältchen)  Kinn