Cosmetic Surgery - Plastic Surgery in Bern

The wide range of cosmetic surgery treatments in Bern and Zurich ranges from the much sought-after beauty topics facelift and eyelid correction, breast lift, breast enlargement, breast reduction, liposuction, scar corrections and tummy tuck to the area of ​​female intimate surgery.

Range of treatments by a cosmetic surgeon

Prof. Dr. Shafighi

Gentle beauty treatments - wrinkle treatments without surgery using, for example, botox for crow's feet and frown lines, liquid facelift, thread lift, vampire lift or treatments with hyaluronic acid - complete the range of services.

Professional and individual analysis by the plastic surgeon

We attach particular importance to a detailed, professional, individually tailored analysis and advice - before and after the treatment. Years of experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery , constant further training, a high degree of precision in his work and the feeling for a harmonious appearance make the visible "fine" difference with Prof. Shafighi. At the beginning there are your wishes and ideas and our tailored professional, very individual analysis and treatment.

Knowledge, the highest quality and modern equipment is our standard in aesthetic and plastic surgery

In the treatments in Bern and Zurich , you can rely on well-founded, up-to-date medical knowledge: Our professional specialists around Prof. Shafighi and external specialists (e.g. for anesthesia) are on hand to ensure your well-being. The Meduno practice clinic is equipped with the most modern, innovative operating theater technology and a class 1 operating room (Federal Office of Public Health) of the highest quality standard. A recovery room and patient rooms with their own sanitary facilities are available for post-operative care (up to 24 hours) and our competent night watch nursing staff will look after you around the clock. So even for major operations in plastic surgery, no spiral stay is usually necessary. In our clinic in Bern we offer a variety of plastic-aesthetic treatments by our anesthesia team, from minimally invasive in local anesthesia to larger surgical interventions in twilight sleep / anesthesia.

Many years of experience pays off!

For the preservation of your beauty and health, Prof. Dr. med. Maziar Shafighi highly qualified. He is expanding his knowledge and extensive experience in all areas of plastic surgery through ongoing training and further education as well as courses, in Switzerland but also abroad (UK, USA, Asia). There is no standstill in medicine, and developments are closely followed by Prof. Shafighi and his team.

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Prof. Dr. med. M. Shafighi

Lecturer for Plastic &

Aesthetic surgery

at the University of Bern

"We and our patients focus on naturalness"

"Quality should be affordable"

Plastische Chirurgie der Brust braucht grosse Erfahrung, da die Brust eine 3D Organ darstellt. Hierbei braucht es Erfahrung, um die Form und Grösse im geistigen Auge sich vor der Operation vorstellen zu können. Prof. Shafighi hat sich auf die Brust Op im Ausland und in Bern und Zürich spezialisiert und zählt heute zu den führenden Kompenzen. Er gehört durch seine Publikatioen, international veröffentliche Arbeiten, in diesem Bereich zu den führenden Experten in der Schweiz aber auch international.

350 breast augmentations / year

Prof. Dr. med. Shafighi will advise you on the shape, position and size.

Rhinoplastik oder Nasen Op sind sehr gefragt, da es sich um ein Organ mitten im Gesicht handelt. In manchen Ländern im Orient, wie in Iran ist es die meist durchgeführte ästhetische Operation. Dabei scheuen die Patienten weder Aufwand noch Kosten. Wichtig ist Prof. Shafighi ein ausgiebiges Gespräch mit detailierter Besprechung, was das Anliegen ist. Dabei wird eine Liste von Dingen aufgeschrieben, welche die Nasenform nach Ihrem Geschmack umformt. Jedoch sollte die Nase nicht operiert aussehen und natürlich wirken.

The individual, detailed joint analysis is a prerequisite for every nose operation.

NEW: Rhinoplasty without surgery

Fettabsaugen oder Liposuktion gehören zu den häufigsten Operation in der Plastischen Chirurgie. Prof. Shafighi verwendet modernste Methoden, wie zum Beispiel super wet liposuction oder Microair. Dabei wird die Vibrationstechnik verwendet. Dies erleichtert die Fettabsaugung vor allem an schwierigen Körperstellen. Bei Männern verwendet er die ultra wet liposuction mit Microair vor allem im Bauchbereich.

Small intervention, big effect. From 4500 SFR.

Liposuction without anesthesia! The operation is performed under local anesthesia and twilight sleep. You will only spend a few hours with us and can go home after the liposuction.

Prof. Shafighi: "Die Konturen des Abdomen hängen von 3 Faktoren ab. Das Gesamtgewicht des Patienten, die Bauchmuskelatur (Rectus Abdominis, Oblique oder schräge Bauchmuskeln) und das oberflächliche Fett im Abdomen. Diese Faktoren spielen alle gleichwertige Rolle, um ein perfektes Resultat zu erhalten. Sicherlich ist die Bauchstraffung die grösste Operation in der Plastischen Chirurgie, aber auch die effektivste. Prof Shafighi führt diese Operation bei postbariatrischen Patienten aber auch bei Patienten nach Schwangerschaft häufig durch.

Tightening operations are most often performed on the abdomen. This operation can be combined very well with liposuction on the flanks and thighs.


Today, cosmetic surgery uses gentle methods with few side effects. The 3D and volume concept by Prof. Shafighi brings freshness and pep to the face.


According to Prof. Shafighi, the upper eyelid lift is the most efficient and most rewarding operation in aesthetic surgery on the face.

"The face appears fresher and younger"

In the following we give you an initial overview of our wide range of services:
Cosmetic surgery - our focus in Bern and Zurich

In the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures as well as operations, one of our main focuses is the treatment of the face. This is where blemishes and signs of age are particularly noticeable. We offer a wide range of facial treatments in our clinic. This includes non-surgical treatments with hyaluronic acid but also the therapy of facial wrinkles with botox.

In the area of operational options, the facelift is one of Prof. Shafighi's specialties. This effectively counteracts the natural aging process of human connective tissue. A facelift and neck lift (face / neck lift) can effectively and significantly reduce the unwanted impression of exhaustion and tiredness. Another surgical focus of Prof. Shafighi is the upper and lower eyelid tightening, which we perform routinely in our clinic. In the opinion of Mr. Shafighi, the upper eyelid tightening is the most effective surgical method to rejuvenate the face and / or to look fresher. The drooping eyelids are removed and thus the restricted vision is improved. Lower eyelid tightening, on the other hand, is indicated for bags under the eyes, dark circles under the eyes and sagging skin in the lower eye area (pronounced dark circles that cannot be corrected with make-up).

One, by the expert Dr. Shafighi eyelid tightening, performed using the most modern surgical methods , gives your appearance significantly more pep and freshness.
Dr. Shafighi can be compensated for with a nose job. The analysis of the nose together with the patient is crucial. The desired form can be determined through several discussions. Usually you can hardly imagine the extent of a nose correction, so a detailed preliminary discussion with Prof. Shafighi helps. Rhinoplasty should only be carried out by an experienced plastic surgeon who regularly performs and masters these operations at a high frequency, ie routinely. The 3D analysis of the nose helps us, whereby the before and after pictures are of great use in order to get a certain idea of the result. The goal: a well-shaped nose that fits your face both in function and aesthetics. We would be happy to show you before and after pictures from Dr. Shafighi operated on patients.
Breast augmentation , which is one of the most common operations in our clinic, is of great importance within cosmetic surgery. To this end, Dr. Shafighi has specialized in renowned clinics abroad for several years and is one of the most famous plastic surgeons in this field.

When it comes to breast augmentation, the size and shape of the breast play an important role for most women. Often it is also about their self-esteem. In fact, breast augmentation is one of the most widely used aesthetic procedures in the world. The reasons for a breast augmentation can be too small or an asymmetry. For this it is also important to study the anatomy in order to identify any asymmetries that the patient may not have noticed and to take them into account in the operation. The 3D analysis can give the patient a good idea of what it will look like after the operation. This is also helpful in determining the size of the implants.

The tubular breast or the tubular breast, as a congenital malformation, is also reconstructed with silicone implants. The health insurance company can also pay for the operation financially.

Breasts that are too large or sagging can also lead to malaise or physical strain in the long term - back pain and inflammatory changes in the folds of the breast envelope are just a few examples. A breast reduction combined with a breast lift can provide permanent relief here. Over the years, the female breast loses its firmness and shape; this is an absolutely natural process. Pregnancy and the associated breastfeeding period or significant weight loss are often responsible for this. In such cases, a breast lift can bring the breast back to its original shape and height and achieve a beautiful result. The breast lift is often combined with a breast augmentation in order to obtain sufficient volume in the cleavage area.

This can be done simultaneously or in 2 operations.

Breast operations for men too

An operation on the male breast is also possible in our clinic. In the case of a female male "gynecomastia" breast, the male breast is "too strong" and has a female contour. It affects men in puberty but also in old age. The men affected suffer greatly as a result. Prof. Shafighi can carry out the surgical therapy in our clinic under local anesthesia but also in twilight sleep / anesthesia on an outpatient basis. This can make the public appearance, such as the swimming pool possible, help to improve self-confidence

Cosmetic surgery for a slim, toned body

It is frustrating that some excess fat on the body cannot be worked off and fasting is not a solution either. Sport and a healthy diet often help a lot, but especially in the abdominal area, on the flanks, on the buttocks and legs, especially the thighs, there are these unpleasant pads. All the better, with Prof. Shafighi, these can be removed specifically and permanently with liposuction . Here, too, Prof. Shafighi uses the most modern and minimally invasive methods that achieve a particularly low-scar and natural result.

Different techniques are used, depending on the region or extent.

Superwet liposuction with the vibration method is very popular and we do it as a matter of routine.
After significant weight loss or pregnancy, the youthful firmness of the abdomen is often lost and an unsightly excess of skin forms (“fat apron”). Exercise or diet do not help against this. Here the mini tummy tuck or the tummy tuck offer an optimal solution. However, other areas of your body that have been affected by weight loss or aging can also be surgically tightened. An upper arm lift, for example, gives you beautiful, slim arms again.

Cosmetic treatments
The signs of the times are particularly noticeable early on in the face. If you have wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes and mouth, there are a variety of gentle methods of wrinkle treatment. Our offer includes a wide range of innovative treatment methods, such as injections with botox, hyaluronic acid or PRP (vampire lift). Botox is particularly good for combating frown lines. Filler so-called hyaluronic acid or autologous fat are particularly suitable for wrinkles that are visible on the face at rest.

As part of conservative aesthetic medicine, we offer various skin treatments, including CO2 lasers against wrinkles, scars and sallow skin, lasers for smoothing and firming facial contours or removing pigmentation disorders using the latest technology. Facial rejuvenation (also called rejuvenation) can be achieved particularly successfully and gently with the CO2 laser.


Additional reinforcement in our clinic: Rounding off the dermatology and dermatological treatments

Since November 2016 we can offer Prof. Dr. Robert Hunger (specialist in dermatology and venereology) as a new colleague in our clinic. As an experienced, well-known dermatologist, he also rounds off our optimal skin treatment. Prof. Hunger offers the whole spectrum of dermatology and venereology. For more information, visit .